Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Just received word that Democrat Jeff Donahue, candidate for State House Rep in District 37, has been ruled ineligible because of an illegal signature on his ballot. The signature was that of former Deputy Mayor Rick Johnstone's son Neil. Judge Fred Cowan made the decision about half an hour ago.

This is huge as I outlined what I believed were the options for the party here: Louisville News and Politics: STATE HOUSE DISTRICT 37:DEMS AND JEFF DONAHUE ARE MAKING THIS INTERESTING. After realizing that we the people are not that stupid they decided to do the right thing. Of course the law was clear anyway making it easier to do so.

As you may recall District 44 Republican candidate Gail Powers was disqualified for the same exact reason weeks ago which made this case very interesting since it was clear Donohue was ineligible yet continued to fight.

Donohue was the union's favorite son and had endorsements galore. Wonder what they think of their pick now? Let's see if the y try to appeal it and delay it longer.

Hopefully, the unions will start opening their eyes to outsiders to the traditional Democrat candidate no matter what and start focusing on the candidate's themselves. With so many Republican members in labor today it is beyond belief when you see the traditional endorsement list by many unions today.

I make one exception to that. The Teamster's during this election have went against the grain and actually endorsed some Republicans in this election including Republican Brian Simpson running against Democratic hack Larry Clark.

They are leading the way hopefully the others catch up.

Additionally I have to report that the case against Michael Lewis, filed by former Democratic Party Chair Jennifer Moore, has been resolved. Lewis was found ineligible as well. I am awaiting word on whether it will be appealed. It should be. There are many questions to be asked and answered regarding the law in this case and I hope Lewis follows through.

Feedback throughout the 37th District says Lewis was primed to make one helluva showing against Wayne and that is why they needed to disqualify him.

Why did no Republican run in this race? From what I gather speaking to residents in the District they don't like Wayne.

Interesting indeed.

In the meantime it would appear that Republican Wade Hurt wins District 37 unopposed at this point as does Jim Wayne in District 35.

Stay tuned..........


  1. You must be mentally retarded.

  2. LMAO. Thanks for the heads up "anonymous" of course I was proven right yet again. Get used to it and just wait if Donohue ever runs again. It will be fun I assure you ;-)


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