Thursday, November 18, 2010


Much has been going on the last week or so and I have fallen behind. A short explanation is a simple one. Family always comes first for me and always will. Right now my wife is going through an illness we hope will be over soon and we added a new puppy last week only to find out he has a major upper respiratory infection he got at the Humane Society where we adopted him. Of course that means major meds and force feeding so he doesn't starve.

We named him Zeus for a reason and we are confident he will be fine.

Between overtime at the night job, caring for my wife, and our new addition, I had to give up some writing time.

Don't worry all should be good by early next week (hopefully) and I will be right back on track. Trust me you will love what's coming.

In the meantime just a couple of things:

Newly elected District 6 Councilman David James was sworn in last night and will take office immediately. District 6 should be proud. James has a clear track record over the years in public service with LMPD, as well as across the Commonwealth with the KBI, and will bring a fresh approach to the problems plaguing not only District 6 but all of Louisville as well.

Good luck David and congratulations.

Many have been wondering why the lawsuit against Mayor elect Greg Fischer has not been filed yet. A fair question to say the least.

Unfortunately, I just have not had time to finish it yet with everything going on. Most of you know I always follow through, as I have a record of such, and I will in this case too. Hopefully, if things clear up with my family by early next week I can get back to finishing it and filing it right after Thanksgiving.

Sunday night the U of L Yearling series post election analysis was held at the Yearling's Club and as you know I was a guest analyst. I have to say I had a blast. It was a packed house and representative Reggie Meeks did a wonderful job presenting the panel. Of course it got heated once or twice, sorry Reggie, but the crowd was awesome and very informed.

It was an honor to be asked to do the event and I hope the audience got some great feedback.

There was one interesting question raised to the panel that asked if we should extend the Bush tax cuts. I was quite surprised to hear Democratic Chairman Tim Longmeyer say he agreed they should. Democrats typically have supported letting the cuts expire. Longmeyer did specify it was his personal opinion but it was an interesting one.

Republican Vice Chair Cordell Lawrence did spend some time talking about working together basically in a bi partisan way to address the problems we all face and honestly that was refreshing in itself. So many times we get lost in the partisan politics during elections that to hear one side actually speak candidly about bi partisanship and giving examples of how we could get there was a good thing.

Kudos to Cordell.

Finally, what can be said about LEO's Phillip Bailey? Phillip was part of the panel as well and I have to admit he made me more of a fan than I already am. Though we disagree on many things Phillip brings knowledge to the plate and a refreshing perspective when he speaks candidly. I thorougly enjoyed the discussion.

That's it for now folks.

I will be really light on here for the next several days because of my family situation but rest assured I will catch up quick :-)

Thanks for hanging in there.........


  1. Two comments: I hope that Tim Longmeyer made i not just clear but very clear that his position on Bush's tax cuts were, in fact, his and not those of the LJCDP. As chair of the Louisville-Jefferson County Democratic Party, which is the reason he was invited to participate, the proper response should have been the Party has no position. He also serves, with me and others, on the State Democratic Party Committee, which similarly has taken no position. Further, it is misleading, a bit, to say that "Democrats typically have supported letting the cuts expire," as President Bush presumed they would when he proposed them. Reflecting the big tent of its members, it would be more proper to say that Democrats are all over the board on whether the tax cuts should be allowed to expired. I believe they should expire for some and remain for those making "real" money in a given year, whether that threshold is $250000 or $500000.

    The second comment has to do with Phillip Bailey. Like you I am a huge fan. He reminds me of the political writers the C-J once had, writers who cared for their work and were, by all signs, pushed by their editors to get the work done and get it done correctly. There are very few Phillip Bailey's in our midst and it is only a matter of time, unfortunately, before this local talent is sucked up into the corporate media.

    Jeff Noble

  2. Hope for speedy healing and also Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for giving us "bloggers" credibility , "you the Man" Karl......

  3. Anonymous I have to give Tim credit. He did do his best to make sure everyone knew it was his opinion and not representative of the party.

    Karl thanks for the well wishes and I hope I gave us bloggers some credibility. I was very surprised to be included in the forum and i hope it helps lead the way into including those of us out of mainstream in the discussions.

    Thanks for writing.


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