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During this whole Passport fiasco it seems some things have been ignored. It is pathetic that our tax dollars have been abused by passport insurance, but isn't it just as funny that no one is looking at all the players in the game?

Take a look back at this article I did earlier this year
Louisville News and Politics: WEDNESDAY UPDATES.

Long before the audit came out by Crit Luallen we were already asking questions about what was going on. As Chair of the Kentucky Senate's health care committee Senator Julie Denton, who directly oversees the Passport Health Plan, gave HER employer, MCNA Dental, a $20 million contract. That was very disturbing and an immediate red flag into political patronage.

Read more about that here:
Dental Damned: Lauderdale Health Care Group Puts a Senator on Its Payroll - Broward Palm Beach News - The Juice

It seems Jack Conway just loves campaigning and why not? I guess it beats good honest hard work for the privileged few. Conway has announced that he is seeking reelection as Attorney General next year. His presumed main opponent will be Republican Trey Grayson.

Jack a word to the wise. Get out of politics now. Seriously. You just got your butt handed to you on a silver platter. There will be a helluva lot ore coming out about your involvement in brother Matt's alleged drug case, and quite frankly sending out a recent email to everyone begging for money to retire your debt AFTER you have reportedly paid back hundreds of thousands of dollars to yourself from the campaign.

It's not like you are a pauper or have to worry about money. I would help anyone who actually needed it that I believed in but Jack you fall short in both categories. Maybe you should have rethought that idiotic aqua buddha ad and saved the bucks you are begging for now.

Take a few years off and regroup and be the man you you used to be. The Jack Conway of today is an embarrassment and needs to disappear.

Funnily enough and I do find it hilarious, the Democratic party continues to send me email from just about anyone who is a candidate, past candidate, or elected official though I have not committed to democrats in some time. I suggest you guys get updated mailing lists or something. lol. Meanwhile here is a copy of Conway's email blast for your amusement:


Our Senate campaign may have come to an end, but our work has only now begun. I want to thank our supporters for joining me in standing up for Social Security last week after the Debt Commission appointed by President Obama made a recommendation to raise the retirement age on Social Security to sixty-nine.

I need your help once again before we all turn our attention away from politics for a while and toward the holiday season where time with friends and family becomes our focus. Over the last frenetic week of our campaign, we were forced to spend a little more money than we raised. As a result, we owe debt to some of the folks who truly helped us, like the people that cut our radio ads and printed fliers for our Get Out The Vote efforts.

Will you help me today and give $10 towards our debt retirement?

Your contribution will help us turn the page on 2010 so we can keep fighting for the principles of our Democratic party in 2011. With so many serious issues still facing the Commonwealth and our nation, I plan to continue to fight for accountability and common sense government.

Send me your thoughts on what you think Democrats should fight for in 2011 and help me retire our debt from 2010 with a small donation.

Thank you for everything you have done, and best wishes for a great Thanksgiving.


Jack Conway

Finally, I have been trying to find time to do a story on the case of 3 year old Grayson Vaughn's adoption. You may recall mainstream has been following the adoption case of Grayson Vaughn who was ordered turned over to his biological father in Ohio a couple of weeks ago.

I will be doing a more in depth story on this situation soon but I have to tell you little Grayson is in a bad situation. With an out of control bio-father i really am concerned for this child. I also have to disclose that his Grandfather Ed Vaughn is a personal friend but that really is not the issue.

Coupled with the fact that this asinine Judge in Ohio made a faulty ruling, and yes I believe it was a poor judgement that she should be disbarred for, one has to wonder why Grayson was allowed to be in this position. Many records that were given to the court were not allowed by this biased Judge so some things were not even considered in her ruling, such as the biological father's background check that would have revealed over 40 encounters he has had with law enforcement as an adult, not including juvenile records. Encounters that include road rage, menacing, harassment, drugs, disorderly conduct, and assault.

Is this someone you would want with any child?

It is my opinion that this Judge ruled out of fear of repercussions, from either the bio-dad, or the people he surounds himself with like David Floyd Houston. Either way this Judge has now earned a complete investigation by yours truly and I will use every contact I have in Ohio to keep this Judge off the bench in the future.

This case isn't really about Grayson from the bio fathers point of view it is about money. The biological father and his attorneys are suing the Vaughn's for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Imagine that.

Couple that with the fact that the biological father surrounds himself with folks like felon David Floyd Houston. Houston is a persistent first degree felony offender who claims to be giving his experience as a paralegal to help the bio-father free of charge. Houston has had up-close-and-personal experience as a paralegal over the years, on our tax dollar no doubt, of his state pen incarceration.

For now you can read more on this story here: Robin Sax: Bio-Father Hysteria Versus Reality: A Child's True Best Interest

While I am a strong supporter of Father's rights there is a difference between being a father and being a sperm donor. A sperm donor does not a father make and in this case the latter is very apparent.

We cannot have our children harmed by being used as pawns in a game for a sperm donor to manipulate the system for their own greed.


  1. If you're such a muckraker, find out if Grayson actually meets the Constitutional requirements to run for Attorney General. Has he been a PRACTICING attorney for 8 years?

  2. Keep us updated on how that investigation goes, and of any luck keeping the Judge off the bench.

  3. Tell you what anonymous I have been doing this for some time now with very much success BUT I do not investigate everything everyone tells me to. With that in mind why don't you investigate Trey and let me know how it goes.

    Quite honestly I have other things going on unless of course you would like to fund my time.

    Thanks for writing.


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