Monday, November 1, 2010


Great job UAW and labor. You endorsed a guy who couldn't even be seen in a Ford in a Ford town like Louisville. The p[picture below is courtesy of Curt Morrison over at

I mean really guys? You support Democrats at all costs but to have one blatantly throw it in your face like Greg Fischer just did should be an insult to every UAW member. Even if he doesn't own a Ford he couldn't at least borrow one for this image shot?

This is laughable.

There are other examples of laughable with the UAW this election season as well.

Retired UAW worker Jeff Donohue, received the endorsement of the UAW, Democrat Donohue of course was disqualified for having an ineligible signature in his race for the State House 37th District race.

By the way Donohue just lost his appeal as of 3:30 pm this afternoon.

Additionally, can someone at the UAW explain to me how an in house monthly magazine called the On Line is showing up at local businesses in their waiting areas? Interesting when I asked some of these businesses how they got the magazine I was told by all that a Ford employee asked if they could put it there.

Gee I wonder why. Perhaps because it is the November edition complete with the UAW recommended voter lists of endorsements?

When I asked if these businesses had ever been asked to display this before all said no. Um Guys? Obvious enough for you? The On Line monthly has always been an in house deal NEVER has it ever been for public display.

I wonder what the rank and file thinks of this? Let me know....


  1. I have always sided with the Unions. In reading their voters list they should stick to what they do, seek fairness for their membership, because they sure don't understand fairness as it relates to politics.

  2. The more I read about Curt Morrison and what he stands for the more I like this guy. He stands up against whats wrong on both sides and is incredibly fair.

    I'm Brian Simpson and I approve of this ad!!

  3. won't matter when Heiner wins tomorrow night


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