Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Election day is finally upon us. For over a year now we have been subjected to negative campaigning and in some cases flat out lies from candidates and supporters. It has been a long grueling task for those running for office and a long grueling task for us listening to all the hype but I have to admit one thing.

This year's election feels electric.

For better or worse it feels as though many people who normally do not get involved are involved and that is a good thing. Though there are many detractors to the way these candidates have run campaigns there are a few bright spots.

Hal Heiner is one. Heiner has ran a mainly positive campaign and has stayed true to his word that he put out long ago when he said this election would be about issues and moving forward. Heiner has done an excellent job staying on task and staying on message.

Brian Simpson in the race for House District 46 against Larry Clark is another bright spot. Brian has proven himself to be adept at running a campaign and doing it above board as well. He has been open about the issues and acquired major support for a Republican labor man.

Independent Michael Lewis who was disqualified late in his quest to unseat 35th District Representative Jim Wayne has raised many questions concerning the rights of independents in Kentucky and we can look forward to this issue becoming greater in the near future.

Some of the bad?

The personal witch hunts by those like former Democratic Chair Jennifer Moore to target select races in her quest to be relevant. I still believe she personally prepared lawsuits and then requested plaintiffs to fill them which is at the very least very unethical and we should remember this when she decides to try a run for office.

The negative campaigns run by Democrats primarily in this election were a huge disappointment as well. Jack Conway should be ashamed of his campaign and never run again. We know the "chosen one" will run again if he loses today but I certainly hope he learned something.

Another bad is the candidacy of Todd Lally for 3rd Congresisonal District. Never have I seen someone so blatantly unprepared for an office of tis magnitude and somehow some believe he is credible. The negative campaign ran by Lally is an insult to the promise people were lookig for with Republican candidates in this election. Not to mention he STILL has offered no substance on the issues.

The Tea Party in my opinion was hijacked by the far right wing of the Republican Party and it has shown in this election. What started out as a bunch of disgruntled voters from across the aisle has seemingly turned into a free for all without shame or remorse for their lack of substance and negative campaigning. WIth all the problems we as a nation face to continue using the divisie God, Gays, Guns, and abortion rhetoric and expect us to vote on these issues alone is an insult and what has led us to where we are today.

While I hope there are many changes in some races today I sincerely hope that the fringe elements of the current tea party do not gain many seats. We can ill afford to trust some of these people with power. Yep Sarah Palin I hope you are proven to be irrelevant.

Finally, many have asked who I personally endorse aside from my election predictions and I have waited until now to share this. I have not done so until today intentionally. I do not want to be accused of having any influence on the election either way. So for better or worse here are my personal endorsements for what it is worth.

US Senate: Republican Rand Paul. We need someone that will reign in spending and Jack Conway has proven to be an utter disappointment throughout this campaign.

3rd Congressional District: Libertarian Ed Martin. Though admittedly Martin is a friend of mine he is also the most intelligent. Unfortunately he cannot win but I will not ever cast a vote for Lally who would be worse than Yarmuth in many ways.

Louisville Metro Mayor: Republican Hal Heiner hands down. Fischer has lied about everything he has ever done and he still has not produced one single issue that he can claim as his own. By playing follow the leader throughout this campaign he has shown exactly why Hal Heiner is the leader we need at this time.

State Senate District 38: Republican Dan Seum. Marty Meyer has already got some questionable election expenditures that will be outed later and that raises some alarm bells. Seum has done an excellent job for Kentucky for many years and we need someone to watch out for in the dismal economic forecasts to come.

State House District 28: Democrat Charlie Miller. Though I don't always agree with Miller he is hands down better than the fool he is running against in John Brewer. Brewer represents the worst of the ultra right wingers and cannot be trusted with so much responsibility.

State House 29 District: Republican Kevin Bratcher. Bratcher has served well during his tenure in the House and many respect the work he has been doing.

State House 38 District: Republican Mike Nemes. I met Mike almost a year ago and have spoken with him several times in the interim. He truly would be a great rep with a passion to serve.

State House 43rd District: Democrat Darryl Owens has done an excellent job overall. Though I disagree with Owens on many things he is better than his opponent and we need his experience right now.

State House 46th District: Republican Brian Simpson. I have watched Brian Simpson from the beginning in his quest to unseat Larry Clark and have been very impressed with him. Not only does he have a passion to serve he actually has a brain that does not play favoritism. Hands down he has more integrity in his little finger than Larry Clark has in his whole body.

Metro Council races:

District 5: Democrat Cheri Bryant Hamilton. Ms. Hamilton overall has done an excellent job on the Council and quite simply has no competition.

District 6: Democrat David James has my endorsement. Quite frankly the negative campaign tactics and flat out lying by Ken Herndon has proven exactly why he is not worthy to fill the shoes of George Unseld. His one man divisionary tactics have created open warfare within the local Democratic party and he should be done with politics after all this is over.

District 9: Republican Patrick Duerr. It is high time the District is represented fairly beyond Frankfort Avenue and Tina Ward Pugh has seen better days.

District 13: Republican Renay Davis knows more about the District and Vicki Welch has proven she does not even know what the basics of her job entail. Not to mention using her office in an unethical way.

District 15: Democrat Marianne Butler. Quite simply she is better than her opponent.

District 17: Republican Glen Stuckel is one again who has done a good job and deserves reelection.

District 19: Republican Jerry Miller has the experience and the know how to be effective right away in District 19 and deserves election.

District 23: I like James Peden period.

District 25: I stand behind Hawkins. He has done a great job representing 25 regardless of the negative lies being perpetrated by his opponent David Yates who has never submitted any evidence of his claims.

Jefferson County Attorney: Michael R. Wilson. Michael is a knoweldgeable young guy who coincidentally just beat Mike O'Connell in teh Supreme Court. Mike O'Connell has used politics in his job as County Attorney in my opinion and this is just unacceptable.

Jefferson County Clerk: Bobbi Holsclaw no question whatsoever.

Jefferson County Sheriff: I will vote independent Don Fitzgerald. I have met with and worked with Fitzgerald on a few issues and he knows the law as good as anyone. I like his ideas about the duties of the Sheriff in regards to the illegal home foreclosures going on as well.

PVA: Corey Koellner. Koellner has the education and experience to be a major force in righting the PVA office which has typically been a stopping point for political hacks through the years and used as a personal cash cow by the Mayor.

School Board District 1: Diane Porter.

District 3 David Toborowsky


Circuit Court 6th Division Olu Stevens

11th Division John Vandertoll

District Court 3rd Division Claude Prather hands down. I cannot support McLaughlin who reportedly physically attacked a juror because she did not agree with the verdict nor can I vote for someone who uses convicted felons to campaign on her behalf for Judge.

14th Division Mason Trenaman

16th Division I can make no endorsement here either way.

17th Division Christine Ward

There you have it folks my personal endorsements and my thoughts on today. Good luck to all and more importantly please everyone GO VOTE!


  1. WE can finally see a real Commerical. Glad its Nov 2nd.

  2. The Louisville establishment won again

  3. Has anyone EVER given any serious consideration to the possibility that those who control Louisville government (and politics) are, in fact, an organized criminal enterprise?


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