Wednesday, November 3, 2010


What a night! The Republicans made major gains at National and some gains at State level but lost ground in Louisville. The Mayor's race itself was a nail biter the whole way as expected. Congrats to the winners my condolences to the losers.

After thoughts?

It appears Louisville is more entrenched in the Democratic machine than many anticipated including me. I did not expect Hawkins to lose District 25 admittedly even though I said it would be closer than it should. Yates pulled off what I consider arguably to be an upset for that District.

In District 13 Renay Davis had yet another close race in which she lost. With the margin of loss I would ask for a ballot recount but I don't imagine the race would change.

In the race for Mayor first glance appears my predictions were on target but I may have underestimated the East end split. I predicted long ago that Fischer would win the West end, the east would split, and that Hal would have to win the South handily to have a shot.

It appears that the West and South did exactly what I expected but that the East may not have split evenly which was necessary for Hal. We shall see in the coming days.

In the meantime on a National level Republicans made huge gains collecting at least 60 seats in the House (with a possibility of 64 by the time all is said and done), and now have at least 41 seats in the Senate thus the Democrats no longer have the super majority they needed.

Todd Lally lost handily to John Yarmuth as he should have. Perhaps if he ever decides to run for office again he will actually bring some substance to the plate instead of opting to listen to those like campaign manager Jay Hill or Corley Everett who hurt him more than he will ever know. The negative campaign run by Lally should be a lesson on how to lose an election without really trying.

Jack Conway looked nearly in tears in his concession speech last night as he should have been crying. This was a race that defied all logic in his campaigning skills. The Jack Conway of old would never have allowed himself to fall into this negative "aqua buddha" style of politics. Then to thank his campaign staff including recycled imbecile Mark Riddle had to be hard for him to do.

Is Conway done?

Doubtful, but it will be a challenge for him to win any other race he enters into. It is doubtful the Democratic party would shun their hand picked golden child from running in the future but it will be interesting to see just how much support they will give him.

On a State Level Dan Seum was easily reelected, as he should have been, and the Repubs picked up 2 (possibly 3) seats in the Senate.

In the State House little known candidate Mike Nemes won election in his first time out and the Repubs overall gained 7 seats. Congrats Mike job well done.

In the District 46 race between entrenched Larry Clark, and newcomer Brian Simpson, Clark won by 10. Simpson did an excellent job in his first time out and had a real shot at this race. Clark won with the base period in a mostly Democratic district. Clark better not relax though and he better find a way to get labor back on his side.

By the way Larry I will see you in Frankfort again in January on behalf of charitable gaming your next Achilles heel.

Finally, it looks as though on a National level folks voted for the hope and change Obama campaigned on and many feel he has not delivered on yet. They voted against the Obama change in hopes for a better one. At State level much the same appears to be happening.

On a local level however the opposite occurred. The locals decided they liked the mediocrity we have experienced over the years and just do not seem ready to move forward. We kept Abramson in the Mayor's office, by his proxy Greg Fischer, and Democrats gained on the Council.

One seat I paid close attention to in this race was District 6. I was glad to see David James win over Ken Herndon. After all the negative crybaby, playing the victim card, and idiotic attacking garbage Ken Herndon pulled throughout this race, I hope his political career is over along with some of his insiders who will be named later. George Unseld may be able to rest comfortably now.

These type of people have no place in politics period. Perhaps the Democrats will now clean house with some of them. We shall see.

In the meantime since I focus mainly on local and State issues I have to admit this was a love hate election for me.

I love that we made some serious changes at State and National level. I hate that we did not move forward on a local level.

But one thing is for sure. After these elections I have enough fodder and people to look into for the next 4 years I won't be hurting for business.

So in that sense all is good in the world.

See you next time.

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