Saturday, December 18, 2010


Did anyone expect change with a Fischer Mayor? Seriously? I mean bad enough he broke the law in getting elected, (see the Jackie Green garbage), and yes I have not forgotten my promise to file a suit though I know I am behind the 8 ball on that issue right now. But really keeping the Abramson hacks?

The headline from the CJ says it all:
Mayor-elect Greg Fischer to retain most of city's top staff The Courier-Journal

Therein lies the problem.

We cannot move forward when we continually recycle the whole mess of people in the administration that have caused the problems. A Fischer Mayor has now proven that he is not intent on moving us forward but intent on keeping the same old tired status quo.

I mean his entire transition team is a who's who of insiders and his administration will be as well. Everyone from Ron Weston, yep Ron we all know about your girlfriend and why you really left State politics, to the incompetent Chief Robert White who, according to numerous reports to me, prefers drinking in Indiana to doing real police work.

So what changes can we look forward to? Absolutely nothing and that is pathetic.

We had a real chance at moving forward in this election but it just did not come to pass. Take a look at what he says he will do.

He will conduct national searches for directors of the Louisville Metro Department of Public Health & Wellness and for the Metro Animal Services Department, an operation that came under extensive criticism a year ago.

Um no brainer since Troutman announced he was leaving the Department of Public Health of course he will conduct a National search. MAS? Come on that was too easy to predict needing being done. In short no substantial changes. But wait there could be more right?

Fischer also said he plans a management audit of the Department of Public Works and Assets — not because of any major concerns or problems — but rather to make sure it is operating at maximum efficiency.

The top-to-bottom review of the works department, which has an $83 million annual budget and 728 full-time employees, will be the first by Fischer's administration, with more analyses of other city operations to follow, he said.

“Public works, perhaps more than any other city department, has a direct and daily impact on people's lives, because it picks up the trash and recycling, fills potholes and maintains and paves streets,” Fischer said. “I want to make sure the citizens are getting the best services for their tax dollars.”

In order to get efficiency of our tax dollars he needs to look at the management of that Department and make immediate changes. Remember the Eric Garrett whistle blower lawsuit? The idiocies of the management staff including Betty Younis is the reason we have problems in that department. Start there not the pot hole filler jobs.

Metro Council member Kelly Downard, R-16th, who was the Republican nominee for metro mayor and lost to Abramson in 2006, said Friday he is a bit surprised that Fischer hasn't made more changes in top-tier positions.

Kelly Downard is right with one exception.

Not many I talk with are that surprised by Fischer's approach to top tier positions. Most of us expected exactly what we have gotten from him so far.

Fischer said his transition team is completing a “holistic review,” —led by businessman Doug Cobb—, of the city's Economic Development Department before he appoints a new leader. He said his transition team will continue to work with Greater Louisville Inc., the metro chamber of commerce, to advance the many economic-development projects and initiatives that are under way.

Again using the same old insiders to decide the economic future. How have these people stacked up so far under Abramson? Are we ahead economically? Consider the recent reports that we actually LOST jobs over the last few years when even our comparison cities, the ones the Abramson admin always liked to use, grew jobs.

Abramson has blamed the National economy for the problem yet our "sister" cities were able to overcome that excuse making it quite obvious that the biggest problem Louisville faces is and has been our leadership. Fischer has now stated he is more of the same by his actions. How is that working out for us so far?

Another indicator? Unemployment actually just went up here when this is the time of year hat unemployment usually goes down what with seasonal jobs and all. Any questions yet?

If we allow for that comparison then we obviously have suffered from poor leadership in economic development as in every other category. Fischer has proven he is loyal to the old money special Democratic interests and NOT in bettering Louisville with his "new" management style.

I guess one thing is for sure though.

With this guy in charge I can rest assured I will have plenty to write about until he is gone.............


  1. Wonder what happens at the end of the day when Jerry pulls his hand out of Greg's a$$ and Greg has to make his own decisions?

  2. Jerry The Puppet Master. Greg the poor stupid puppet

  3. It would be hilarious if during the massive innauguration that Greg has planned for himself; stage big enough to hold the 350 "advisors" that he was not willing to divulve during the campaign. Parade of, I am assuming, sheeple that will do as they are instructed by the Louisville ruling class even if it means dressing as a clown and pledging their allegiance to a rich daddy's boy; If a coalition of intelligent persons who can see through the charade of this self indulgent prima-donna, would strategically play the lines from the song that seem to appear over and over, from the title of this article and many others, periodically during the extravaganza of the entitled, as he accepts the crown from the large headed one.


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