Monday, December 20, 2010


NBA AGAIN: Can things get any more incredible? Our tax money is once again going into the pocket of J. Bruce Miller in his latest attempt to get an NBA team to Louisville. Does anyone actually think we need an NBA team to subsidize with our tax money? Miller continues getting paid with our tax dollars every few years for the same old dog and pony show. Let the Metro Council know you have had enough with this frivolous waste of OUR money.

GET REAL BILL JOHNSON: Anyone remember former tea bagger and Republican Senate candidate Bill Johnson? Johnson is now running for Secretary of State and quite honestly I wouldn't vote him to be in charge of LMAS. IN short he isn't even good enough to hang with the dogs. This class act guy turns tail and runs whenever he can.

Case in point? Johnson was a featured speaker at former candidate Gail Powers fundraiser at the Lions Club off Cane Run Road. Of course Powers was disqualified the next day. When she contacted Johnson about possibly helping her he turned his back saying he couldn't be associated with her right now. He didn't mind the free publicity by being a key speaker but could not be bothered with someone that made an honest mistake?

Great guy eh? On top of all that he I would expect someone in the job of Secretary of State to actually care about ALL Kentuckians and not just a select few. Trey Grayson has done a great job in that role and Johnson would demean the office. Look for someone else in that race.

For more check out Curt Morrison
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JUST SAY NO TO THE BRIDGES AUTHORITY: Did anyone really expect that we would get a fair hearing from the Bridges Authority?
Bridges authority endorses toll-based financial report The Courier-Journal. Disregarding the fact that 70% of the people want an East End Bridge only option, one without tolls at that, the Authority approved a toll based report. They haven't even decided to tell us which bridges would be tolled yet either. Predictably Larry Hujo of the Carpenters Union played the jobs card.

How many jobs does the bridge create and for how long? That is the problem. The jobs created would be short term for the life of the project and the costs are astronomical. Hell give me $280 million and we can get an East end bridge now. Forget the rest.

Kudos to Shawn Reilly and many others for keeping the fight alive.

STILL MORE ON JUDY GREEN: There is a little more on the Judy Green situation as well. It seems theft may not just run in her extended family, as in her cousin Kimberly Bunton, but it appears that her husband James Green was forced to give up his law license because of disbarment proceedings in 1987. The case number is 87-SC-837-kb. I am also told that the charges involved theft. I am working on verifying that now.

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