Wednesday, January 19, 2011


We have been bombarded over the last couple of months wanting news on when MyViewMatters Radio will air again. Thanks so much for the inquiries and your patience. After much deliberation we have decided to relaunch MyViewMatters Radio as an internet radio show. Since the rules have been relaxed and we can now air ads it is a great fit!

As you know many of our competitors such as Mandy Connell at Clear Channel's WHAS 84 simulcast their show live which simply means you can hear it on the internet live. One of our hopes in relaunching the show was to compete against Louisville's premier AM radio. At Clear channel's WKJK there was simply no way that was going to happen.

That left us with a question. How do we reach our personal professional goals through traditional means?

From a cost perspective the dollar cost are simply too high to do a daily show to compete at this time over the traditional air waves. Unless we were in a time slot that would resonate with our audience and produce income it simply could not be done so we had a choice to make.

Do we continue doing a traditional once a week show and not be able to compete?

In order to bring you the best we put ourselves in a position to compete. In roughly 18 months we were able to take a weekly one hour show and make it a must listen for thousands of people in Louisville, across the State of Kentucky, and Indiana as well. We did this with no budget or marketing to speak of just word of mouth. We took the risk and you made us proud. We want to continue to bring you what you have come to expect from us. Quality programming with issues and candidates so you can hear the truth. All brought to you of course with our own unique no holds barred style.

Internet radio will allow us to go even further than we have before. Worldwide. Literally.

At final count, thanks to our friends at Ky Grassroots radio simulcasting our show, we were receiving approximately 50,000 listeners per show via the internet during our live shows. Countless others tuned in via podcast at this site. This has proven to be a valuable tool to giving you the listener the real scoop without sugar coating the issues.

You asked for it so here it is.

The official launch of the new and improved MyViewMatters Radio Show will be on Monday February 7 at 9 AM. It is planned to be a daily show Monday -Friday from 9-10 AM and will be in direct competition with Louisville's WHAS 84's Mandy Connell. We need you tuned in to make this a success.

You can link to the show each day at beginning February 7.

Anyone interested in advertising with Louisville's, and Kentucky's, homegrown radio contact Ed Springston at (502)417-5383 or write me at Our ad rates are drastically lower than our competition and we will do anything we can to insure your message gets heard to your audience.

Traditional ads, read throughs, or any variation is no problem. Get the most for your advertising dollar and help support real local radio with lifelong residents at the same time.

We look forward to hearing from each and every one of you!

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