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For a couple of years now the problems at LMAS have been talked about, openly outed, and still nothing has been done to fix them. Recently there is yet another scandal about uncleanliness and animals dying of a parvo/distemper outbreak due to failed leadership. This is also happening at the Kentucky Humane Society as well but that is another story for another day.

Here is one story you will want to read from LEO on former LMAS Director Gilles Melloche and his buddies Jerry Abramson and Bill Summers.
Follow the money Louisville's Alt-Weekly LEO Weekly.

Additionally you should check out Jake Payne over at thevillevoice for his efforts to help LMAS. We disagree on much but Payne is doing a great thing here
Let’s Work Together In An Effort For Change.

COUNTY ATTORNEY MIKE O'CONNELL should be investigated, dismissed, and jailed immediately if the reports I am getting from some of his staff are proven true. While it is no secret, though it is illegal, that many elected officials require government employees to "donate" to their campaigns it is becoming blatantly clear that the Democratic power elite apparently are now open about this illegal method of gaining campaign cash without any fear.

Case in point?

According to witnesses, who prefer to remain anonymous, O'Connell told all that were sworn in to his office on January 3, 2011 that their job is a political one and they are required to donate money to political candidates and campaigns when and where he told them to as a condition of employment.

In the meantime rumors abound that there will be a lawsuit filed soon as at least one employee is rumored to have been let go when they refused to be extorted in this way.

Additionally, according to sources Mike O'Connell also took the 2% pay raises that were approved for his employees and stuffed them into some sort of a fund that only he controls. Where does he get that authority? Our tax money approved raises should go to the employees not the County Attorney himself to dole out as he sees fit.

I don't know about you guys but I would assume O'Connell as an attorney should know extortion is illegal. Just ask Karen Sypher.

Where are the feds at now?

Apparently even 7 year olds can get citations in Louisville according to this report Officer suspended for giving 7-year-old a ticket The Courier-Journal. It seems this officer was suspended for getting the child and the parents attention this way. I kind of like it myself.

I mean we gripe so much today about parent's not taking responsibility for their children, did this move awaken this parent to paying attention? Did it awaken the child to the fact there are repercussions for negative behavior?

You guys decide but it is very interesting.

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  1. Fifteen days for writing a kid a ticket. How many days for driving 50 or more miles OVER the speed limint and causing a deadly accident while you are off duty and crusing to your second job at a pizza place in a car that taxpayers pay for?!?!? PUHLEEZE...someone should take a look at who is doling out these ridiculous punishments!!!!! And by the way...WHY does it take months and months just to write an LMPD officer up for inappropriate behavior????? You do something wrong at usually get a rapid repercussion...WITHOUT pay in the meantime!

  2. Criminal Mischief 3rd specifically states that the person has to have the intent to cause damage. Unless the 7 year old has a history of damaging vehicles by throwing his ball at them or confessed after the fact, how did the officer know what the kid's intentions were when he threw the ball? The parents might be guilty of neglect but the damage to the vehicle is most likely a civil matter, not a criminal one. Every one from celebrities to grandparents to teachers to village idiots are expected to be surrogate parents these days. Personally, I would prefer it if the police would stick to fighting real criminals, not cruising suburban subdivisions scaring 7 year old kids.

  3. WOW!!!!
    People go to proson for what O'connell is doing ?

    Will the Ky Attorney General Investigate ?

    Isn't this the same thing Ms. Bradshaw sued him over last year?

  4. I know several attorneys that work for O'Connell and they have all said the same thing. That he had the doors closed when he told all the attys that "Loyalty" is extremely important and how "POLITICAL" his office is and how YOU will "CONTRIBUTE" to him and whoever he tells you too.

  5. this called "electioneering"?? How do you get the Attorney General or KSP to investigate? If I was one of the people that was fired or threatened by this tyrant I would subpoena every attorney in that room and sue his butt off.

  6. The Leo story should have read...."Show O'Connell the Money"! Sad part is not all the attorneys are making Big Bucks. Most only make 40-45 thousand. (except for the 28 new hires O'Connell brought with him)All Attorneys are required to give $1000.00 for primary and general election. if you do not give, the director will come and ask you where the money is. I am not sure about the staff, but if you check his report I am sure they gave some money as well.

  7. Bobbie Holsclaw is/has been doing the same thing over at the county clerk's office for years. It's unfortunate, but common and spans party lines.

  8. It most definitely is electioneering or extortion and very definitely illegal as hell. O'Connell should step down immediately. Greg Fischer should demand it but it simply will not happen.

    I know thsi has always been the "norm" andit has been very successfully used to keep the Democratic machine in place but that doesn't make it acceptable.

    Thanks to sunshine laws and bloggers who have no fear these things are getting out there finally and we the people are taking notice.

    Now if we could just get some of those involved to go on record and file charges we could fix all of this a whole lot easier.

    Alas, many lack the gahoneys.

    Thanks for writing folks.

  9. Ed...its not that we lack "Gahoneys" we have families we have to support and can not afford to be out of work. Come down to the prosecutors office and talk to some of us..there is alot more to tell. All these allegations are true and we are all hopeful that Glenda will call us in for a deposition. In that closed door meeting he had all of his new hires, proceeded to tell us how wonderful they are...all we could think of is we are Irvs leftovers and we will not be seeing a raise anytime soon. $1000.00 for primary and general election is alot of money for someone that is a single mom or that is the breadwinner of the family. However, if you do not give the amount that is asked... you will be fired. Mike has anger issues and gets off on his employees being scared for their job.

  10. I understand the concern as I have suffered greatly myself because of what I do. The path to cleaning up this mess is not an easy one and sacrifices are made. It is the way I live but I will not judge too harshly those who feel they "must play it safe."

    In the meantime I would love to talk with you guys but if I walk in that place and have to go through a receptionist anyone seen speaking with me would be a target.

    At that point I would be the cause of your termination and neither of us wants that to happen.

    Here is an idea for you that could help alleviate that concern:

    Set up a meeting with as many of you who will come and email me at when and where. I will be there. I understand you need discretion and this is the way to do it. Contact me confidentially at (502)417-5383.

    Have a better idea? email me and lets discuss it through there.

    In the meantime head up there are some of us working to effect change for the better.

    thanks for writing.

  11. Mike O'Connell step down?? Are you kidding me?? He is the most arrogant man I have ever met. He definitely has an entitlement issue. He uses The County Attorneys Office Budget as his personal piggy bank to pay his friends. His campaign manager works for him, makes a big salary and it is still unclear what he does. Keep up the good work Ed!!

  12. INDEPENDENT CITIZEN TIPLINEJanuary 23, 2011 at 6:54 PM

    (502) 410-1009
    Always anonymous.

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