Wednesday, January 5, 2011


For the last several days Louisville has been deluged with the massive Abramson send off. Never mind that other than Operation Brightside did he really accomplish anything worthwhile? Think about it. The latest reports show Louisville has declined over the last decade in jobs and growth. Abramson of course blames the National economy while other sister cities did not fare this bad even though they faced the same hardships.

Additionally, think about where we could be at if only mainstream news would have done the job that many of us are now doing today by outing the corruption and problems that they have covered up for so long. I mean how else does Abramson leave office a multi millionaire in far better financial shape then he ever was or would be without being Mayor?

Bad enough right?

It gets better because now we have elected Abramson light in Greg Fischer. What better way to prove it then to take a look at his "new" direction and administration. We all know now that Fischer has essentially kept the old Abramson folks in leadership positions. Even worse he actually has recruited more insiders such as Ron Weston. Don't worry Ron your affair isn't ready to be outed yet. Fischer even kept Bill Summers? I mean this guy is the maker behind the King Abramson administration and now gets to play with public safety as Chief administrative officer to Greg Fischer.

The CJ even dared ask the question of who is the most powerful person in Louisville and honestly did anyone not think of these people? More importantly is anyone actually satisfied that a group such as these idiots actually pull the strings. I mean other than their self serving egotistical lust for some sort of power, have they done anything meaningful for any of us?


Fischer thus far has proven that he really just does not get it. He shows his silver spoon heritage every chance he gets and in my opinion flaunting his ego at every turn. How else can you explain a $150,000 media circus event for an inauguration of a City Mayor?

Of course it was paid for with "private money." Want to bet on where the money came from and who will and has benefited from our City tax dollars accordingly?

I will give Abramson credit here choke if you want, but even though Abramson was always touted as King Jerry, and Mayor for life, I really don't recall him ever being so blatantly uncaring about the perceptions of these pseudo titles by actually putting on an egotistical display such as the one Fischer put on on Monday. No doubt Jerry is just as egotistical and self centered but he never had the audacity or the nerve to show that in such a public display. Even he knew you don't slap those you represent in the face TO their face.

I felt like we should have invited the Queen of England for the celebration of the next heir to the throne. Fischer needs to check his ego and quickly. Or maybe not. Maybe he can continue acting like a King instead of a Mayor and that will help him lose in 4 years. Unless of course he gets ousted before then ;-). One can only hope.

I already question the judgement of keeping some of the key players such as Chief White for example. All of a sudden we are going to get back to a gang squad/street crimes unit?

Never mind that it was a bad idea a year ago and no one was behind it. Well except Jim King who I actually agreed with on this issue. Since I had advocated much the same ting in 2006 as a Mayoral candidate myself it was only logical that I backed the proposal then and now.

So what is so majorly different a year later? The fact that Chief White just proved he was Abramson's lackey and not a leader or the fact that Fischer and minions lied all along.

Who knows but one thing is for sure.

It would appear that we have a New Year with a new Mayor but the same old screw 'em because you can leadership.


  1. It only gets worse. Fischer will have four sworn body guards, King Jerry only had two. I guess the other two will carry around his ego. But we have heard that one of the highly qualified(not) previous body guards will be given an asst. directors job in the solid waste divison. I am sure they were the best qualified

  2. worst of all - Jim King is elected President of the Council again. It's simply amazing.


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