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First of all Happy New Year to each and every one of you! 2011 will bring many changes for each of us, though apparently not in Louisville looking at Greg Fischer's staffing. With that being said, however, a New Year always finds us looking forward to better things and here at Louisville News and Politics we look forward as well.

I have always been a firm believer in history. An old saying says that if you fail to learn from history you are doomed to repeat it. I agree with this so with that in mind let's recap 2010 here at LNP and outline what we hope to accomplish in 2011.

First of all as you know we have been first on many stories with some beginning in 2009 and some continuing on today.

Here at Louisville News we not only report news but we also get involved in trying to make positive changes. Here are some of the things we accomplished this year.

For starters we launched the popular radio show "MyViewMatters Radio" with partner Ed Martin. Though the show is on temporary hiatus currently, while we work on funding to switch to a daily format, we found out that there are literally thousands who are tired of business as usual and seeking a voice. We provided that voice for over a year and will do so again in 2011.

We launched the campaign against the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife and were instrumental in getting SB 64 passed.

We led the way in trying to bring leadership into focusing on food safety. Many of you were amazed at just how far behind the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the USA in general is when it comes to testing measures. Over 76 MILLION people get sick each year from food illnesses and 5,000 die annually. Local expert and tester Paul Ham made a compelling case on the MyViewMatters Radio Show.

We led the way in fighting for SB53, the semi open primary bill. Though the bill passed through the Senate easily our illustrious Democratic House refused to bring it to the floor. This fight made National news as CNN came in to do a story focusing on the plight of Independents being heard, led by Independent Ky's own Michael Lewis, and made a mockery of KY thanks to Senator Juliann Carroll's asinine comments.

This will be brought up again and we will fight once again to make sure all voices are heard in the Commonwealth.

We led the fight and will continue again in 2011 towards saving our charities with SB 222, a charitable gaming bill. Despite the lies and deception by KEEP's people in Brereton Jones and Patrick Neely rest assured we will continue fighting to protect those least able to help themselves.

We brought about the plight of Eric Garrett a whistleblower who was fired by Metro Government after using the Metro tipline. Of course Garrett was reinstated after his lawsuit, that continues on today, and paid backpay of course.

We were instrumental, and continue to be, in outing the fallacies of MSD. This story is one that gets national attention and will continue to be a thorn in our side left to fight for some time to come. Rest assured we aren't letting it die.

We worked with outside groups as well such as STOP IT leader Ray Pierce, and Operations Manager Paul Holliger in bringing the independent tipline online so no one would have to go through what Eric Garret has.

LNP, and MyViewMatters Radio has given a voice to anyone who sought it. We had literally every candidate for office on air that requested it. The list is long and includes everyone from Senator elect Rand Paul, Lt Gov. Dan Mongiardo, to local voices such as Jackie Green and Denise Bentley among others

We have given voice to all Democrats, Republicans, Independents. You name it we covered it.

Governor's race? Yep ask Gatewood we had the announcement live on air.
We have fought for inclusiveness such as those with the Fairness Campaign and Chris Hartman.

We covered National news such as the Arizona illegal immigrant stories and Obama-care.
Yep we covered the heartbreaking BP story as well.

We even fought against the asinine ORBP project and tolls. that fight will continue for some time as well I assure you.

We have called out political corruption at every level and even took on candidates. Jack Conway, Greg Fischer to name a couple. Lest I be told I am attacking democrats and not being fair remember the Todd Lally stories as well.

Kentucky's Passport scandal? Yep we had it here and Senator Julie Denton needs to go by the way.

Jerry Abramson? We outed the poorer, blacker, older comments that mainstream used. Most without any credit given. We have held this Mayor under the microscope more than any mainstream outlet has ever done.

We have outed the corruption in Louisville Metro Council members as well. Just ask Judy Green, Bob Henderson, and others

Bottom line? LNP reports the news, investigates, and even gets involved in the solutions. Whether that be outing corruption, fighting in Frankfort, or filing lawsuits our mission has been clear form day one. We will work to end corruption and bring integrity back into our lives through our elected officials.

Where others follow and gripe, we lead and get results. That is what separates us from the rest and what makes this venture so great.

What to expect in 2011?

Quite a bit. For starters we are now going to focus a bit on upgrading equipment and raising revenue. After funding this venture for 5 years solo to move forward requires funding whether through donations or investors. While I know times are tough, I'm a blue collar guy myself, there simply can be no other way. We have proven we are the best and now we need to move forward so we can get even more in depth and uncover even more.

While I have been beating up anyone who dares suggest I actually start seeking outside money, unfortunately we are growing faster than I can work hours to pay for it. 100+ hours a week is enough.

In the works are upgraded computer equipment, including a new laptop, better servicing for you the reader, and investors to bring the MyViewMatters Radio Show into a daily format. We are also looking at video equipment and some other things to bring you more video as well. We have already agreed on a contractual price with Clear Channel that is favorable and have lined up some exciting shows for 2011 once this is accomplished.

Our long range plans for 2011 include consolidating the MVM Media Group. The group will house all our ventures including the MyViewMatters Radio Show, Louisville News and Politics, and a local TV show that is in the works.

All I can say is thank you to each and every one of you for helping make us who we are. Without each of you getting involved we would literally be nothing. It is your dedication that makes any of this possible. Challenging me to do more, and each of you seeking the truth, has been a great thing. 

Though the 100+ hour work weeks get crazy sometimes never have I had one regret.

My allegiance to each of you is 100% and I am very grateful for the trust you have in me.

Get ready for 2011 folks it will be a doozy.

Happy New Year one and all!

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  1. Great start to the new Year Ed. I cant wait till you are able to get everything going as you would like.

    Brian Simpson


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