Thursday, February 24, 2011


At 3:30 today the Metro Ethics Commission is supposed to meet to discuss the ethics charges by Ray "Sir Friendly C" Barker in regards to Councilwoman Judy Green and her self titled Green Team. In this case "Green team" could have lots of meanings such as "hey, I just loaded my family's pockets with your tax dollars." But I digress.

Throughout this site you will see stories of Judy Green and her husband and quite honestly how she is an elected official is beyond me. What makes it even more unbelievable is that Councilwoman Green will now have her case heard behind closed doors.

Check this out from the CJ today: Ethics panel to consider complaint against Judy Green in closed session The Courier-Journal

I have many questions but agree with Jon Fleischaker. Kentucky's open meetings laws are not and cannot be superseded by local ordinance. Period.

Additionally, many red flags come to the forefront.

One right out of the gate. How in the hell is Jonathon Rickets in charge of anything involving ethics? Why do I ask this? Check out this previous story here at Louisville News: Louisville News and Politics: DEADBEAT DADS? Not always....

Remember this story? His wife had a child with another man and Jonathon, assumedly with the help of his well known and influential father attorney Charles Ricketts, played some legal games to keep the biological father away from his child. AFTER his wife Julia spent a lot of time with the biological dad AND his child.

Anything ethical about that mess? Not on the surface.

Second. Attorney Kent Wicker? Is he related to CPA and former House candidate Brooks Wicker? Many rumors abound about Brooks Wicker and his "accounting" practices including trying to rid himself of records by tossing them out his office window. Unverifiable of course but related to me by many sources.

His defense is that Barker lost to Judy Green in the Council race so this is basically sour grapes? Sorry folks the evidence is clear and I don't care who brought about the charges you cannot ignore the evidence. Kudos to Barker for standing up even knowing he would be chastised for it.

It is the right thing to do and here at Louisville News as you know I stand by that mantra as I have risked it all as well.

What happened to the great transparency we were promised? It just does not exist with elected officials is what.

At issue here is $35,000 of which Green's own family members collected roughly $3580 or 10%. Additionally, after an investigation was done by the Public Integrity Unit she couldn't account for $25,270 of the money.

Folks that means that Judy Green basically screwed up $30,000 of $35,000! AND SHE IS IN CHARGE OF OUR TAX MONEY!

No we have serious problems to deal with and the time for the good ole Democrat club in Louisville is over. Time to get serious about cleaning up government and Judy Green needs to go. By continuing down this path of closed door meetings we are telling everyone we simply don't care and that is wrong.

Jon Fleischaker good luck today getting a Judge to intervene. Seriously.

For Ricketts, Wicker, Judy Green, and others.

Stay tuned.

This story is just beginning...............

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