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What else can be said about possible felon Metro Councilwoman Judy Green? In my opinion there is no "possible" in this equation but very probable felon Judy Green. Take the latest for example from any media source you want.

What started as me questioning the Green's in December in regards to their financial dealings that included tax evasion, multiple lawsuits, disbarment of her husband, and foster parenting among other things, led to major stories by everyone under the sun including the Courier Journal, WHAS TV, FOX41, and many others. No matter your source one thing has become very clear.

Judy Green needs to go and preferably to a jail cell where many believe she belongs.

Thanks to the CJ we already knew about the shady business she calls the Green Team, and literally thousands in missing money of which she, her kids, and her husband benefited primarily. So much for helping the needy kids in the neighborhood many of which STILL have yet to be paid. This was the easy part.

The startling part was when we started researching and discovered a history of Judy Green and her husband and their financial malfeasance. What would happen to any of us if we were tax evaders and failed to pay taxes for many years? What if we forged an application and a signature for a credit card in someone else's name and ran it up $25,000?

Felony behavior? You bet, so why are Green and her husband exempt from prosecution. Would we average non elected citizens get away with this behavior?

There are many excuses but nowhere can I find any evidence of anyone else with even a sample of this level of illegal wrongful behavior not being in jail or on trial. It blows the mind.

Yet another sitting elected official takes a bribe? Say it isn't so! Accepting a bribe for $600 is a felony.

Green says she worked with LIFE Institutes Eddie Woods on the self titled Green Team and secured $55,000 in OUR tax money for the program. Problem? Eddie Woods said he was told in no uncertain term that GREEN and her husband would run the program and he would not.

Of course the Green's cannot account for almost $30,000 of OUR tax money, paid her own kids more than 10% of that, while other kids were not paid at all even now, and her husband got paid even though he said he was a volunteer. After their investigation concluded, the police said that LIFE institute did not run the program and that Green and her hubby did.

Woods also says his name was forged over a dozen times and maybe more. Hey Eddie give me a call at (502)742-8519 let's get you on MyViewMatters Radio and discuss this.

Judy Green another felony.

Former aide Melody Hill, who resigned after being questioned by police, stated maybe the money shouldn't have been approved basically because there were no checks and balances. Um ya think?

Current aide Andrea Jackson was asked if she knew Green got a credit card in her name without her permission. Her response? YES. When asked if she gave Green permission to do so she said NO. Of course even with her permission Green could not legally forge Jackson's name and get the credit card, but what's one more charge at this point right?

Jackson stated she didn't even know about it until she accidentally found it on Green's desk. Now the card(s) has been used and has a balance of somewhere around $25,000. Want to guess who will pay for that one?

We will I am sure.

Why would I say that? Because Green certainly will not pay for it out of her pocket, I doubt anyone would step up and pay it off for her at this point, and quite honestly I have major doubts that Jackson would pay for it even if it is in her name. I even speculate that she may be complicit in the card scam.

So why would I now question the integrity of Jackson and her claim to not know about this?

Because perhaps there was a deal between Green that they would split the money they got off the cards. I can come up with nothing else. What did Green or someone else promise Jackson in exchange for her loyalty?

The story itself makes no discernible sense at all. Someone illegally steals your identity, gets a credit card, runs it up to the max in the thousands, you know exactly who did it, and you don't press charges?

Jackson showed two cut up credit cards she said were obtained by the Green's and yet when the police suggested she file charges she never has and still works for Green.

I would speculate that leaves a bankruptcy option for Jackson, one can only speculate since it is in her name. Perhaps that is the untold agreement between them who knows. At this point I hope Jackson is getting good legal advice because bankruptcy fraud is a federal offense. IF Jackson chooses this route without charging Green first she will answer to the Feds and not Louisville politics.

By the way has the bank that issued the card(s) been notified of this fraud? I am sure they would love to know and they have the power to prosecute without Louisville's permission. Or the permission of Judy Green or Andrea Jackson. This could be an interesting pursuit indeed.

Why is it that Jackson admitted to police that Green did this illegally without her consent and they do not have cause to arrest her? When I started investigating I had less on Jim King. After investigating he paid the largest fine in Kentucky history with the KREF, and underwent a KSP investigation for well over two years.

Jim King even said it best as quoted in LEO:
“I think fiscal responsibility is critical if you’re going to be a council member,” Councilman Jim King, D-10, told The Courier-Journal in a March 2005 interview. “Certainly anyone can make a mistake, but if it’s chronic and they have a history, it’s a significant factor.”

This was in 2005 folks when they were appointing someone to fill the seat.

And Green essentially gets by with just ethics charges today?

Former aide Melody Hill tells the story of Green bragging about her $600 bribe from a liquor store, a story backed by current aide Jackson so now we have corroboration, and yet we have nothing we can charge her for?

Are you kidding me? We have all kinds of stories and convictions across the Nation for politicians accepting bribes and we in Louisville cannot do anything?

We have criminals in jail for less evidence than what we have now on Green.

She has screwed we the taxpayer for over a decade and owes the IRS over $50,000 and is now in charge of our tax money. We see how well that is working right?

Judy Green owes over $350,000 in student loans since the 80's, and they cannot collect as legal recourse is out the window, so we get stuck with that one too. How in the hell do you get that much in debt on student loans without someone stopping the gravy train until you can figure out how to pay for it?

It would seem to me that the feds certainly have enough evidence to come into Louisville and start with Judy Green in the efforts to clean up our politics.

Of course if they do, that would be the tip of the iceberg. The Democratic stronghold cannot afford a serious look into the state of things in Louisville can they? So much would be uncovered so why are they even allowing this train wreck to continue to serve herself as she has clearly shown she is not serving We The People.

Hundreds of thousands of our dollars down the drain by someone who appears to be illegal as hell is pretty much an accepted part of Louisville politics isn't it? Have we not gotten accustomed this type of behavior through the years?

I for one haven't and I never will. Time to clean house and rid ourselves of Judy Green once and for all. I would file criminal charges myself, after all it is MY tax money she is abusing as well, but would it matter?

Time will tell. I may do it anyway but we know County Attorney Mike O'Connell can't handle it, or won't, Commonwealth attorney Dave Stengel wouldn't as he is a Democratic hack in my opinion, and we already know Special Prosecutors through Conway's office stick to what they are told to do all for the sake of the party.

In my experience anyway. One thing is for sure though. I have to agree with Jim King on his 2005 thoughts:

“Certainly anyone can make a mistake, but if it’s chronic and they have a history, it’s a significant factor."

How true it is in hindsight with Judy Green eh?


  1. I hope that investigative reporters from all local news outlets are looking into the past activities of not only Councilwoman Green, but also her aide, Andrea Jackson. Some might be curious about the circumstances surrounding her abrupt retirement from her position as middle school principal at a JCPS middle school.

  2. Thanks for a well written article. I'm a resident of the 22nd District, and I will write my Council Rep.(Robin Engle) immediately, and voice my total
    displeasure. Of course this damages all of the Metro Council.


  3. Anonymous many are already on that one including me. It was a very telling sign when Jackson did not prosecute Green.

    Thanks for writing.

  4. cneedy55 thanks for the kind words and for calling your Council rep. Each of us needs to do exactly that and let them know how much Green needs to go and how embarrassing it is for everyone on the Council.

    Thanks for writing.

  5. I'm certain you know by now that the rest of the Metro Council unanimously voted to remove her from office.


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