Sunday, February 6, 2011


I am back from South Carolina and just in time. MyViewMatters Radio returns to the air Monday morning February 7 at 9 am. Click the link on the right and listen in. As always we want to hear from you so tune in and get the news like we used to before WHAS and others decided to end real local talk radio.

Hosted as always by Ed Springston and Ed Martin we will cover everything and anything from what's happening in Louisville to what the latest is from the feds.

Check it out weekdays Monday - Friday from 9-10 am at

We will talk to you then.


  1. I followed the link you posted and tried to listen to your 1 hour and 53 minute preliminary show that aired Sunday at 3pm, but after the ad ran all I got was a ringing telephone and a recording asking me to leave a message because no one was available to answer my call. Were you being acerbic or are you having technical problems?

  2. My apologies the show was not advertised as it was a test run to work on some new tech stuff we will be implementing soon. The real show runs from 9 am -10 am on Mon -Friday starting tomorrow. I apologize for any inconveniences.


Thank you for reading LNP. Open and honest discussions of local politics and relevant issues is important to voter understanding. Please listen to the "Ed Springston Show". We broadcast Monday through Thursday evenings at 7 PM on local media outlets. Please check for the links.
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