Monday, January 31, 2011


As many of you know I am in South Carolina this week for a family wedding so posting will be light but there are a couple of issues that need addressed.

First from what I understand Representative Larry Clark is working once again to pass a law that would exempt family members from the $1000 campaign contribution limit presently allowed by law. This came about because of the charges I pursued for 2 years against Jim and Katie King.

Clark tried to get the exemption last year and failed. This year it has been prefiled once again. Check out House Bill 28 and call and let your reps know NO one should be exempt from campaign finance limits.

Additionally, HB 26 has been filed to try to force a regional wastewater plan on us all again. Last year legislation was brought forward to create a massive regional sewer district that would serve 7 counties with MSD being the head of it. MSD can't even run their own business here in Louisville so pay attention to the details folks!

Those around the State beware. If this passes you lose. Read all about the regional wastewater plan here:

For more on MSD stories just click this link.

See you soon!

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