Thursday, March 31, 2011


When you deal with corruption in elected officials as it seems I am doing just about everyday these days I am oft reminded of an old saying.

Justice delayed is justice denied. In the case of Judy Green these words continue ringing true.

For starters the case against the Green Clean team should have been heard today. This case was previously postponed and the arguments today were clearly by design to delay the hearing once again. There has been ample time to investigate this case and it should have been heard.

For those that would argue that the case should be consolidated I agree wholeheartedly, however, the cases cannot be consolidated into one according to the Metro Ethics laws so that was an argument that had no merit. The Chairperson Jonathon Ricketts didn't even know that and fumbled with a way to make a motion to delay finally deciding on using the words "and/or" consolidate by the next hearing date.

The most telling part of the day was Ricketts allowing Green's attorney to speak ad nauseum and denying equal opportunity to myself or Ray Barker to address the motions at hand. He even went so far as to "admonish" myself and Mr. Barker for speaking with the news.

Guess what Ricketts? I love free speech and I fully intend to use it. Sorry about your luck.

Clearly it was a display by Ricketts to favor Green and her attorney Wicker who actually tried to use the poor me argument. Wicker actually stated that it wasn't fair for his client to have to endure the constant media negativity as they have no way to respond. Wicker grow a pair and quit whining. You have had every opportunity to respond and have undoubtedly tried to use the media to Green's advantage whenever they see fit.

Remember Green's teary eyed statements on local news about "I haven't done anything wrong?" Green always talks to the media when it suits her and her attorney is a hypocrite for even trying that argument. No it should have been an insult to the intelligence of everyone there and the citizens of Louisville who continue having to deal with this idiocy.

Additionally, there are other questions to be answered. One being how can Ricketts himself not recuse from this case? I have reported a couple of stories on Jonathon Ricketts negatively on this website . Clearly this is a conflict of interest for him and he should recuse.

Additionally, Kent Wicker, Green's attorney, is a former Assistant US Attorney who worked closely with? You guessed it the investigator the ethics commission hired to investigate the charges. there are ethics problems galore within this case ironically in the ethics commission itself.

I don't know about you but it is time to clean house across the board.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Thank you sir for this story. CJ won't delve too deep into this. Local news should but remember where we are. Liberalville.


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