Sunday, April 3, 2011


Sometimes the obvious is even funnier than the pathetic reality of what we live with. For years I have been calling out Code enforcement demanding changes. I have even led the fight against the idiots such as convicted felon John Flood, husband of Councilwoman MaDonna Flood, Charlie Cash, and Bill Schreck who resigned because of mounting publicity. No the real story today is why has it taken so long to demand changes, and why in the world would anyone suggest listening to Bill Bardenwerper who has the moral fortitude of a self serving snake. In my opinion of course. Take this today from the CJ: Change needed in Louisville code department, transition report says The Courier-Journal They actually are paying attention to a transition report by the clown Bardenwerper? You may recall Louisville News' exclusive release of a taped conversation between Chris Thieneman and Bill Bardenwerper. Bardenwerper, whose law office "specializes" in representing developers in zoning cases, according to the CJ, admits he will not represent his client because he is scared of Jack Dulworth. Jack you may recall basically did whatever he wanted and was King of the pay to play schemes here in Louisville. Under Abramson's watch of course. Don't believe it? Here is the initial story once again I did from August 2010 complete with audio. Pay attention from the 4 minute to 7 minute mark. Louisville News and Politics: REALLY GREG FISCHER? THIS IS HUGE? The great developer attorney turns his back on his developers out of fear of doing the right thing. Of course he worked hand in hand with Dulworth to ensure he was taken care of. Oh yeah disclaimer here: In my opinion anyway. No Bardenwerper has made a good living working with the City and has made all the "proper" connections while NOT doing the real work he advocates he does. Specializes in representing developers? Translation is you have enough money I can buy what you want but don't expect me to actually represent you if I had to. I must always do what is best for myself and not my clients. Never mind my oath when I became a lawyer. Great attorney huh? Welcome to the game CJ. I just hope you finally do the investigative, exhaustive work many of us have done with this clown and this organization.


  1. One time I'd like to see you actually get the name of the department right. Just once.........

  2. OK. I'm puzzled by the Metro Hack criticism.

    I do not see any name mentioned.
    I see only a reference to the FUNCTION of this department.

    So just what is the "official" name of this department AND agency?

    Just sayin'.


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