Monday, March 14, 2011


Seems there may be even more to the Judy Green scandal developing. I have received several calls alluding to a house in Park DuValle that is supposedly owned by Judy in someone else’s name that she is renting out and profiting from. It is being researched now and if proven true could be a serious deal that will involve the feds since Park DuValle received federal funds. If anyone has an address let me know. I am working on that one now. Stay tuned.

It is also being reported to me that some of the kids, that worked on the Green Team that began this mess, still have not been paid while many were paid for one week ($60) though they completed the program and were due additional funds. I have calls out to several parents and am awaiting confirmation on that one as well.

Finally, Curtis Reynolds whom I have been asking about and mentioned in previous posts has an interesting background of his own particularly in regards to who he finances with on his properties. That will be aired later this week. Reynolds as you know lent the Green’s $20,000 and is at the center of allegations that even Judy Green admitted to about using employees to deliver cash to him on occasion.

Currently Reynolds has cash flow problems of his own as several of his properties are now in foreclosure as of 2/28/2011.

Finally, I outed many of the charges relating to Green now last December. Louisville News and Politics: CASE AGAINST COUNCILWOMAN JUDY GREEN IS HEATING UP or thsi one a day later complete with case file numbers Louisville News and Politics: JUDY GREEN STORY RAISING MANY RED FLAGS. The questions I have been asking also involve the welfare of the foster children and adopted ones. Just how much has Judy Green benefitted from them financially?
One thing I did not out was just how the Greens’ benefitted financially from the 11 adopted children Green alludes to having.

Green brags about having 11 adopted children with special needs. While this normally would seem to be a good thing, especially to me since I work with special needs children and have a Godson with special needs, it appears that they may have been adopted for money as well.

What many do not know is that when you adopt a special needs child you receive tax breaks and incentives in many cases. You also receive social security checks for each child as well. This of course adds up to even more money for the Greens’.

So what does all this mean?

It means the Greens' have made one hell of a living off of our tax money. It also means that there are even more red flags to check out. Who knows how deep this story will go, or where it will end, but one thing is for sure. There continue to be more questions than answers in regards to the Greens'.

Stay tuned I will keep you posted.

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