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Judy Green and St Stephen Baptist what gives: It is becoming quite clear that Judy Green is surrounded by the folks at St. Stephen Baptist Church and no one can tell us why. Kevin Cosby do you care to chime in?

From softball interviews by Renee Murphy of WHAS11 and Stephan Johnson of FOX41, who DID NOT disclose their personal relationships with Ms. Green through the Church, to having Machika Smyzer, formerly of St Stephen Baptist installed as her new LA, one thing is sure. St. Stephens is political and the fact that they are now involved heavily in our government should be a major red flag.

Additionally, Green keeps trying to play the race card but fails at it miserably. From accuisng anyone who is African American to somehow be wrong in questioning her is an insult to the integrity of the African American commuity itself. How can you play the race card when YOU are the one attacking the African American community? Why does Cosby feel the need to surround and protect a crook like Green at the expense of the Church? It defies logic and St. Stephens needs to get as far away from this as possible.

Wisconsin Repubs do what they want: Wisconsin GOP has stripped the public workers of their bargaining rights. Wisconsin GOP Strips Public Workers' Bargaining Rights Remember to thank the Democrats for that. Seriously. We elect these clowns to do a job and when they don't like the responsibility that goes with that they leave town. AND STILL GET PAID. there should be a law that allows we the people to fire them immediately for job abandonment.

Indiana is following the lead: Yep Indiana Democratic lawmakers left town as well. Daily Kos: UPDATE: Daniels Opposes Bill, Indiana House Democrats Leave State in Protest Is this what we are coming to? We elect people to represent us and work for our best interests and when they lose they take their ball and go home.

When the going gets tough the tough get going. An old saying to be sure but apparently the idiots in elected office have misinterpreted this saying. Badly.

How many of us would still have a job if we abandoned it? None of us would, so why should it be any different in the public sector? Especially an elected official who promised to uphold our Constitution and laws? It is time for a mass protest by we the people but not to save the unions as the media is making this issue about.

No the real story, and the real reason we need to protest and organize, is to save Democracy itself.

An elected official who can abandon his job, continue getting paid, and have the audacity to believe he is doing the right thing, should be an alarming testament to just why they should not be in office in the first place. We simply cannot allow this trend to continue in our America.

Throw them all out, freeze government spending at the current level, give the Governor limited emergency powers ONLY for the use of natural emergencies and disaster issues, then hold a special election in 60 days. Disqualify any sitting congressman who abandoned their job for being considered for the seat and disqualify them from running for office permanently or at least 12 years.

Additionally, since these traitors who ran from their elected duties can actually be arrested, which is why they hide in states that have Democratic governors like Kentucky for example, pass federal legislation that will hold those State governors accountable for aiding and abetting in a crime. Make it a felony so we can rid ourselves of them too.

After all if you aren't part of the solution then you are part of the problem.

Time to send a message now and let them know this behavior is unacceptable.

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  1. Of course we know Dr. Kevin Cosby assassinated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was a co-conspirator in the assassination of John Kennedy in 1963 and triggered the recent tsunami in Japan. Kevin Cosby has not made one public comment concerning Judy Green! She happens to be a member of St. Stephen Church like 14,000 other people. Should Kevin Cosby automatically be associated with what his members are accused of?! Have YOU spoken to Dr. Cosby?! Why then do you attempt to implicate Dr. Cosby in something that Dr. Cosby has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with. Who Judy Green hires as her aide is Judy Green's call. Who WHAS11 and WDRB41 assigns to interview a person is the call of WHAS and WDRB. Unless you believe that Dr. Cosby controls WHAS and WDRB also. The fact of the matter is Dr. Cosby is too busy building institutions like Simmons College (although raising millions for that institution has not recieved nor will accept one penny of compensation) to empower the poor through education. You advised Dr. Cosby to stay far away from this. To my knowledge he has! But it is people such as yourself who attempt to unethically associate Dr. Cosby with something he has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with. William Stokes

  2. My what we will do to get some attention. Judy Green hires one of St. Stephen's 14,000 members therefore Rev. Cosby is a co-conspirator in the Judy Green fiasco. Wow what logic! That means since Mayor Fischer hires (one of his members) Chief White Cosby controls the police force and the FOP. And sense Coach Charlie Strong attends St. Stephen, that means Rev. Cosby also runs the UofL Football program. Of course since Betty Baye' (one of his members) works for the editorial board it stands to reason that Cosby controls the opinion page of the Courier-Journal. The fact of the matter is Ms. Symzer applied for and was hired by Judy Green before any of the accusations were made public. There is a great possibility that had Ms. Smyzer known what was about to happen...she more than likely would not have submitted an application. Is it possible that Ms. Smyzer could have been a victim of unforseeable circumstances. Before accusing someone get the facts you might learn something. St. Stephen number is 502.583.6798. I am confident Rev. Cosby will talk to you. Corbin Seavers

  3. My…WHAT WE WILL DO TO GET SOME ATTENTION!! Judy Green hires one of St. Stephen's 14,000 members, therefore Rev. Cosby is a co-conspirator in the Judy Green fiasco. Wow, what LOGIC! That means since Mayor Fischer hires Chief White (one of his members), Cosby controls the police force and the FOP. Additionally, since Gearld Neal, a state Senator who is one of the members of St. Stephen, it stands to reason that all of his votes are NOTHING more but an extension of Cosby’s policies and positions. Of course since Betty Baye' (one of his members) works for the editorial board, it also stands to reason that Cosby controls the opinion page of the Courier-Journal. The fact of the matter is Ms. Smyzer applied for and was hired by Judy Green before any of the accusations against her were made public by LEO Magazine. There is a great possibility that had Ms. Smyzer known what was about to happen...she more than likely would not have submitted an application. Is it possible that Ms. Smyzer could have been a victim of unforseeable circumstances? Before accusing someone, get the facts! You might actually learn something! St. Stephen’s number is 502.583.6798. I am confident Rev. Cosby will talk to you!

  4. For you faithful readers pay attention to the comments above. Seriously. I started LMAO when I saw them.

    Think we are not making someone nervous? As they should be.

    First look how the commentor has tried to make this look like some conspiracy theory. That is how it is done folks. Lable the messenger as a conspiracy theorists and hope it sticks so he can be discounted. Sorry whatever your name is commentor but I deal in reality and have laid out a line to begin the coming stories with this stuff first.

    But then you have to look at the comments.

    Same exact wording but two different names on the last two comments which of course make the oddball first comment posted very suspect as well.


    I could out who it is but this is too much fun.

    Bottom line?

    The cult of St Stephen's is going to be unraveled. This is not a dig at the congregation but at the leadership.

    As we found out with the whole Catholic Church and pedophile priests scandals that continue today, not to mention the hypocritical evangelists who get caught living the life they preach about, not everything is at it seems.

    Stay tuned this story has just begun.

    And oh yeah thanks for writing commentor. lol

  5. By the way Stokes or whoever you are? I am honored that you would develop a blog solely to respond to what I say. Looks like I have my own new personal stalker! Ah well I have had them before and will again I am sure.

    In the meantime thanks for making me the highlight of your day! lol

  6. you are a clown.don't strain trying to pat yourself on the back. this is crap writing. so what are you this week a dem or a republican or an independent. union man my ass, you fucked up ed

  7. LMAO yet another "anonymous" poster starting a blog to try and discredit me! What an honor!

    You guys keep making me feel better and better everyday. Sorry your accusations won't stick buut keep trying maybe someday you will become relevant in the discussion.

    And please someday when you do? Be a man and use your name as I do.

    It says much about your character when you hide behind a computer screen anonymously out of fear.

    Of course most cowards typically think that gives them some kind of power. Or politicians or wannabe's. lol

    Thanks for writing :-)

  8. Damn the link isn't real........I was so looking forward to reading it "j.p." lol

  9. So is this Rev. Cosby sending people from his church to threaten you Ed? Maybe you need to call these people out and start taking out warrants. We all know you have their ip address...go get them!!

  10. Nah these aren't threats these are cowards who are too scared to put their name on it. A problem I don't have.

    Cowardice is for losers.

    Yep I do have IP addresses and even know "J.P." actually linked to this from his facebook account. Of course that is why "j.p." did not comment on facebook because it would have shown who it really is. Again cowards.

    Though outing who it is would be fun I won't. Yet anyway. I may decide to have fun with them later though. I will probably be able to use another laugh and wouldn't want to miss it.

    In the meantime thanks for writing anonymous.

  11. These sort of posts by these people are nothing more than goon squad thuggery. The same type of thuggery practiced by various political figures and their henchmen. Instead of having a intelligent and civil debate regarding the issues they would rather try to scare or intimidate the messenger. When brought into the light, they end up scurrying away like rats because they know they are doing something wrong. It reminds me of an incident created once by a neighbor that the police had to get involved with because of their harassment. Once the police left, the harassment began again until the harasser was verbally confronted face to face and at which time they disappeared. The same happens with the politicos and their fellow travelers. Once the light is brought to them, they run away and its time for the good people in Louisville to make sure to let the miscreants know that we are watching them and working to make inroads on their crooked behavior in which they abuse the public trust.

  12. This whole fiasco is another reason why I am against 501c3 status for churches. The churches are becoming more politicized in many areas whether they are conservative, liberal, etc. This St. Stephens needs to be investigated for the fact they are breaking the Internal Revenue Codes by involving themselves in politics and political activities including tying themselves to political candidates and council members. This opens a whole new can of worms and I think its time for an investigation to start to take effect against these religious institutions that have politicized motives other than their own religious tenets.


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