Friday, April 22, 2011


Joe Gerth at the CJ is reporting that Freshman Rep Wade Hurt, who got the job only because his Democratic opponent Jeff Donohue was declared ineligible, has switched parties and is now a Democrat. Jefferson County GOP House member switching to Democrats The Courier-Journal Anyone who didn't see this one coming needs glasses. Hurt knows the only chance he has of being reelected and that in itself is ONLY if he has no primary competition.

Case in point? The numbers breakdown from the election for his seat show that Democrat Donohue actually won. If he wasn't disqualified Hurt would be licking his wounds right now. With that in mind is it really any big surprise that he would actually play this card? When you lack substance you pull out all the stops.

From the CJ Hurt said "he made the decision because he believes a Democrat can better represent his district in a legislative body controlled by the Democrats."

Is this guy so naive as to think after spending years trashing Democrats because they were Democrats that he will be actually included and taken serious at all? It defies logic.

Translation? I ran as a Republican and now realize I will have a legal opponent next time so I will sacrifice my beliefs for my own gain.

Here is my question: What deal was made so Hurt would switch?

It is common knowledge that Greg Stumbo had been lobbying Hurt to switch. It is also common knowledge that Wade doesn't do anything without his sidekick Ellen Reitmeyer involved. It is also common knowledge that when it comes to the politics of Fairdale Ron Weston is intricately involved.

Look for this to happen folks. Ellen Reitmeyer gets a government job, either with Metro or the State like maybe the LRC which would also give her a "reason" to switch parties in order to get the job, Donohue does not run in the next primary and gets rewarded with an appointment. I won't even speculate on the possibility of how much money may have been involved in this deal.

No in this case Hurt is well, hurting to get reelected. This is a pure desperate attempt to try and fool the Democratic faithful in Fairdale for Hurt's own gains and ambitions and not those he says he represents. The problem? Fairdale folks just aren't that dumb.

In a word Wade Hurt is being feckless.

Look it up.

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  1. Switching parties during a term shouldn't be allowed and we need an amendment for it. If one want's to switch, do it while running and see what happens. I'm sure the constituents may have differing opinions. It's a cop-out.


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