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So much to do so little time. Posting has been light recently folks due to time constraints. With the daily radio show I do for WXBH 92.7 FM weeknights at 7 pm, and working a real job to fund this venture called MyViewMatters, well there just are not enough hours in the day to write as much as I would like.

However, don't be fooled into thinking I am doing less. The facts are that the same research and info I have always done are still being done, and in many cases even more of it. The other fact is that most of what I do now is outed on air for the radio show as it is a quicker way to get the message out than spending hours writing about it. Not to mention the time having to be spent at hearings such as Judy Green because, well, someone has to hold her accountable right?

Rest assured when funding becomes complete you will begin getting the daily content you know and love from yours truly on the website in addition to what is already being done over the airwaves. Know anyone looking to help send them my way. I will gladly take the funding and get back to doing this only. 100 work weeks are brutal at my age.

In the meantime. I have been accused, and still am daily, of being many things. A right winger, a left winger, a gun hater, a gun lover, a peacenik, a rabble rouser, an environmentalist, someone who wants to destroy the environment, and my favorite a gadfly, and an activist.

The point being everyone labels each of us in a way that tries to justify their mindset. It is fun for me actually.

So for fun I will say this for those who like labels. I can't be labeled. Why?

Because no party today represents any values that they are selling they do. Period. A liberal is a former conservative , and a conservative is a former liberal. Think about it.

It seems every ten years or so the party in the minority changes some part of their core to gain back the majority. If they were true to their values they would remain so. In good times and in bad. Politicians switch parties for their own gain look at Wade Hurt in State House District 46. Joe Lieberman in Connecticut and so on and so on.

For the party faithful they are being sold a bill of goods from elected leaders who spend millions trying to get elected to a job that pays practically nothing in comparison.

Don't believe me? Explain to me why someone like Barrack Obama spent $750 million to get elected to a job that only pays $450,000 a year for 4 years then goes to get more money than the $750 million he had the first time to get that job for one more 4 year term.

It defies logic but this isn't picking on the President it is asking a basic question:

Since when did the price of Democracy get so high?

As a person in business, would you spend $750 million dollars for a job that only pays a cumulative total of $1.8 million? It isn't good business is it?

That is the basic problem. Why do the politicians do it? Because they can and in most cases it isn't their money. It is yours and mine. It is all about thme not you or I. They beg you for a handout up to the maximum legal amount and then screw you with idiotic policies that are bankrupting this nation, thus ensuring the indentured servitude climate continues. they work to ensure that the majority of us will always be the "working poor" who depend on them to survive.

Think I am wrong? 44.2 million people are on food stamps today and millions are on some sort of welfare: unemployment, aid to dependent children, section 8 housing. The list goes on and on. And why is that?

A presidential candidate can come up with $750 million to run for a job that will never repay that to the same people who fund it. Yep we fund the elections with our donations but the corporations and special interests fund oh so much more.

Each candidate can be bought with enough money and all have a price they can be bought for. In my opinion anyway.

So why write about something you already know? Simple.

For almost a week now we have had the news full of information, or non information if you will, about the killing of Bin Laden. Great wish I would have pulled the trigger myself. I have no problem with that. But in the meantime while we have spent billions upon billions over the last decade to kill this one man, has anything meaningful been accomplished on behalf of the American citizen who pays for all of this?

The answer is an obvious one and that answer is no. While we have spent this money we have had to borrow it to do so. While 42 cents of every dollar we spend is borrowed money, we now are in a financial crisis and look to raise the debt ceiling once again to cover our butts.

All this while there is less money being paid into the tax base and less to spend. So how do we pay for even more borrowed money? We print more and that hurts us even further.

It is time to pay the piper and we are all pipers. This government owes us each better than what we have settled for and some of us refuse to settle any longer.

The politicians have made it all about them so I say its time to make it all about me. Me being an accumulation of each and every one of us Americans that deserve so much better. We need to stand together in protest of this shadow government that is the American way.

Stand in the streets and protest and send the message that we will no longer be relegated to an eventual third world country status and demand more from these elected leaders. Our forefathers envisioned just this sort of thing happening and our elected leaders and courtrooms have worked towards making a shadow government possible.

Americnas have the right to protest. Why do we not band together and do so? We see pictures of those in other countries going to the streets to make sure they are heard and all by unresponsive politicans in their countries.

Would ours respond? Only one way to find out. Make it all about me and start asking the tough questions and getting involved. MyViewMatters is the concerpt you need to repeat to yourselves everyday. It is all about you and what you are willing to accept.

Raise your expectations. Do not allow yourselves to be fooled by mediocrity any longer. Our future and that of our children, grand kids, and so on and so forth depend on it.

And by the way you can label me any way you want but here are some facts for those who want to use labels on yours truly to start you on your journey.

I am pro life, though I believe in abortion in cases of rape and incest. I also have no problem with the RU 486 morning after pill. I do not believe in abortion as a form of birth control. If you want to have unprotected sex deal with the consequences. This isn't the 1950's and there really are no excuses any longer.

I am for the death penalty which may be one reason I have no problem with the killing of Bin laden armed or not. I do have a problem with the hypocrites who stand in the streets happy to see an unarmed man killed then fight against the death penalty for a murderer on death row. A murder is a murder at least be consistent in your ideology.

I believe in God but thanks to pedophile priests, rich preachers, and many churches who lie, cheat, and steal from the parishioners, I have no faith in churches or man made buildings to worship.

I am pro gun period. If we take them from the good citizens the criminals will still have them. Laws are not recognized by the criminal element. I have no problem at all with shoot first and ask questions later if the situation warrants it. I do believe in responsible gun ownership however. There can be no excuse for an 8 year old having access to an Uzi. Shoot the parents for being morons.

I believe the USA is the greatest Country on earth. I was proud to have served in our military to protect freedom. I do not believe we are serving what our military is intended for by trying to take over every damn country that disagrees with us. Bring our troops home their mission is complete and has been for years.

See you next time folks........

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