Monday, May 16, 2011


With the story out last week by WLKY on JCPS and the $100,000 club WLKY Investigates: JCPS Super Salaries - Louisville News Story - WLKY Louisville it is now time to dig into what the numbers mean and the way JCPS conducts business. While rummaging through some of the data, with the help of my data guy as always, a couple of things surfaced immediately.

For starters the salaries between the JCPS staff don't quite add up and it appears there a myriad number of ways to pay someone more than someone else and it isn't based on seniority. That should be a problem for a union environment but that will come later.

In the meantime the first question I asked myself was why would JCTA President Brent McKim be listed on the JCPS salary base and his position is Union president.

Folks this is taxpayer money and quite honestly what are the membership dues to pay for if not the union governing body itself?

By comparison where does Teamster President Fred Zuckerman get paid from, or UAW President (former President) Ron Gettelfinger get paid from. They get paid from the union and the membership dues fund that. So why would the JCTA President get paid from our taxpayer dollars and not the union itself?

That question needs answers and we are on it as I write.

In the meantime I find the numbers and weighted averages of JCPS salaries to be, well, abused at best.

There are currently 18,461 total employees at JCPS according to records, and the total payroll equates to $641,177,461. That does not include benefits or any other perks assumedly.

When looking at these numbers and dividing them by the number of employees the average wage amounts to $34,731. Looks about average right?


In fact there are 3606 employees listed as part of the total that show a wage of $0. No that is not a typo. 3606 employees apparently work for JCPS for free and are added into the employee database.

With that said when you take those $0 employees out of the equation the average goes much higher. It jumps to $43,162. A huge difference correct? Wonder why people say numbers can be manipulated?

I am sure that JCPS can do basic math (well at one time they could I am a public school graduate and my math skills are fine) so why not just lay out everything we need to know and make this easy.

Because the hands in the cookie jar will be caught.

This is just the easy part folks and the rest will be much better I assure you but in the meantime start asking why our taxes are paying Brent McKim to be President of the a publicly tax funded entity called JCPS.

Until next time...............

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