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We have all heard of the Green "Clean team" by now so let's dub this one the Green "scheme team" shall we?

Apparently Judy Green does not know what goes on in her office as she is too busy working a "full time" job to pay attention. Or at least that was her testimony. Even going so far as to state that every council member prays that their staff knows what they are doing as they cannot oversee what they do. I'm sure they appreciated that analogy by Green at her hearing.

I mean, why do we pay them $42,750 a year then?

Green's new line of defense appears to be to try and make this an "unknowing" violation so the Council cannot proceed to kick her out.

There can be no other explanation for the idiocy and out and out falsehoods that she testified to. At least to me anyway.

According to Green nothing is her fault and all the problems fall on former Legislative aide Melody Hill. Green stated that Hill wrote the grant for the 100 Black Men that is in question and Hill was the one that did not write in that monies were to be redirected by Green's office.

Confused yet? You should have been there. The defense in closing arguments actually tried to make me the bandit. Yep I am not kidding. They stated that Green did nothing wrong and that the only reason she was there was because I was trying to use the press to make this an issue. Yep tis true. Like the press just does my bidding and is at my beck and call.

I laughed out loud even though I was supposed to be on my best behavior.

I didn't have the heart to tell them I am the press. I mean I have this website and a daily radio show that spouts my opinions on anything I find newsworthy so I just have to get more exposure by falsifying charges and calling the mainstream press to follow me around like a puppy dog to suit my ego. LMAO

A more desperate attempt to muddy the facts I have never seen. It was funny watching her Attorney Reid basically implode. Save your money folks if looking for an attorney and look elsewhere IMO. Speaking of attorney's, Earhart was brilliant. He laid it all out very clearly with facts not muddy water.

In February of 2009 the 100 Black Men submitted a request for $1900. That is not in dispute. After February 2009 Green's office told them they were going to inflate the money request to $7500 and the additional monies would be allocated per Green's wishes.

That is illegal folks no matter how you slice it. Green's legal defense team (a team our taxes are paying for) tried to portray Green as someone who honestly made a mistake but it wasn't her fault. Trust her. The problem?

While Green tried to deny any knowledge of the grant being redirected in later testimony she finally said she directed her staff to contact the 100 Black Men to pay some bills from those funds.

Additionally Green tried to act like she did not recall whether she was on the appropriations committee at the time of the request. Seriously? How can you not recall something as basic as that when the whole case revolves around a meeting you were part of as a member of the appropriations committee? How dumb does she think we are? Her whole career is on the line and she can't recall?

If you believe that line I have some great swampland to sell you in the Arizona desert.

Of course when confronted with the record that she indeed was on that committee at the time, well let's just say her memory got better. In fact while arguing all day that Hill was to blame, that same record from the appropriations committee meeting in August of 2009 clearly shows the first item on the agenda at that meeting was the grant to the 100 Black Men organization.

Again great job Mr. Earhart.

Who presented the grant request for approval? Judy Green herself.

Who lobbied for it? Judy Green herself.

As a voting member on the appropriations committee who also voted yes for funding? Judy Green herself.

Who did not tell the committee that part of the money was to be redirected? Judy Green herself.

So if Hill didn't fill out the paperwork correctly, and Green admitted in testimony that as soon as she saw the grant in February she knew that she would use part of that grant money for the organizations who received it after August of 2009. Or that is her testimony anyway to my understanding. So she knew more than 6 months in advance that she would be funding the organizations listed that she directed? Wow.

If she knew that in February, as soon as she saw the grant request per her own testimony, can there be any doubt that she knowingly and intentionally falsified this grant and withheld information from the committee she sat on when seeking approval of it? It is her obligation to divulge this information when she herself presented it. It is NOT the obligation of her former LA Melody Hill.

There can be no "unknowing" as there is now a smoking gun in evidence. Judy Green solicited the 100 Black Men to ask for more money for the sole purpose of spending that money to gain key votes to keep her elected.

West End political activist and "go to guy" Clarence Yancey was paid $2785 for "catering" at a senior citizens home? How many were in attendance? For that price they should have been served fillet Mignon and fresh imported vegetables.

Of course Green stated she would never seek endorsements from Yancey because she didn't need him. After questioning she finally admitted that she was on his voter list of endorsements he puts together every election. Make no mistake about it Yancey is very influential with his list.

Feel free to laugh now folks. I already did. Seriously Judy?

The grant request that Judy Green herself submitted and approved specifically stated that the funds were to be used solely for scholarships for the 100 Black Men organization. She then admits on record that the funds were not used for that purpose.

So much for her staff being responsible, primarily Melody Hill, and not Green herself.

Current appropriations Chair Councilman Dan Johnson even testified that this was not appropriate in his opinion. He also testified that full disclosure should have been made if Green was involved in the process as she clearly is. It is a requirement that Green, who has sat on appropriations twice now for one year appointments, certainly knew.

As a former Councilperson on the appropriations committee Green knew full well that this was wrong and did it anyway.

Unknowing? the only thing unknowing in this case is why exactly 100 Black Men President Rob Jordan did not show up to defend the organization. Why Charles Alexander III did not show up in his role of treasurer with the 100 Black Men, also as treasurer of Judy Green's campaign, though she now says he was treasurer in name only. Yeah right.

Though she may not have control over Jordan or Alexander, can someone please explain just why her legislative assistant Andrea Jackson, whose name appeared on several documents did not show up to testify either?

It would appear that Green is once again playing games to avoid responsibility.

The sad thing is she abused her office and those who need the help the most by using the 100 Black Men organization to try to pull this stunt for her political gain. By all accounts the 100 Black Men organization is a worthy one, so what do you do when you need the $1900 and your council person wants this scam as a condition to obtaining it?

You do what you must for the organization. Did Green tell them this was a legal way of doing tings? If so, then they are not responsible as they followed the advice of the Councilperson responsible for it.

Knowing that Green operated this way for her own gain should be an insult to all who have come before her seeking help from OUR Metro Council.

No this is clearly a knowing violation with a smoking gun to boot.

The only thing unknowing, after hearing Green's deceit in the hearing, is one thing. Exactly what are we paying her for anyway?

Hopefully this ethics commission gets it right and finds her guilty of knowingly and intentionally violating the trust her own constituents placed in her by electing her.

Time will tell................

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  1. Unfortunately, with all the evidence in the world, the ethics committee will not remove her from office. They're scared of the race card, so they'll let her off with a reprimand. She has taken the politcal position of Lie and Deny, and if all else fails, play dumb.


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