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Wow who would have thought that this story would still be going on! Thanks to Judy Green, and the advice she continues getting from the likes of Denise Bentley I am told, this circus is reaching new heights. Of course anyone with half a brain could have predicted this type of behavior.

Green has been playing the race card almost since the beginning of this months ago but some are actually just now seeing it Charges of racism starting to appear in defense of Councilwoman Judy Green [The Arena] Better late than never I guess.

Others have been following all along and realized from the onset that Green's only hope is to taint the process and pray for help in the legal system. Even MaDonna Flood gets that much WFPL News King Denies Intimidating Green.

Oh wait headline reads King denies intimidating Green. Say it isn't so!

Phillip Bailey and Thom McAdam have actually written some great pieces here even if Thom is late to the game he makes sense.

The facts are that Green is the one who has tried the intimidation trick and it didn't work. She thought she could play the race card against Barbara Shanklin, Phillip Bailey, and a host of others. It backfired.

She thought she could threaten them and Jim King with supposed info hiding behind the old 2 year old mentality of "they did it too." It backfired.

Now she must go after the person responsible for doing the job of impeaching Green.

The Metro Council president who just happens to be Jim King.

What is so fascinating is that she actually believes this will work. After listening to Bentley lay out the game and lining up a few quacks like Charles Elliot, Denise Bentley, Mattie Jones, and Gracie Lewis she believes she really can get away with this.

Of course having an inept, or corrupt Commonwealth Attorney such as Dave Stengel certainly helps her play this game. After all of the criminal information brought forth during the investigation Green should already be on trial facing years behind bars.

Credit card theft, identity theft, bribery, and the list goes on and on.

Testimony to that effect from her own office personnel. Andrea Jackson, Melody Hill, well you get the gist.

Yet compromised, corrupt, inept, choose any or all of those three, Commonwealth Attorney Dave Stengel decided there was no criminal charges forthcoming.

And before anyone cries Stengel had a "special" prosecutor he still has the obligation. Of course just as easily having Judy Green's daughter work in his office certainly didn't hurt Green either. After her racist comments one wonders how she can still be an attorney working for us when she clearly has a racist slant in her dealings with the public.

Hey Jessica here is a newsflash. ALL are equal under the law.

I loved the way Green handpicked yet another reporter from mainstream, at WLKY this time, to report the gathering last night at Elliot's place. I would say Reverend Elliot, but there is no Reverend in this equation. Strong words eh?

Well I challenge you to prove what is Christian about this man Elliot. Seriously.

Reports of an underground "gentleman's club," falsely representing a defunct organization, owing at least $16,000 to the City of Louisville for years on a lien, and now saying thievery is acceptable behavior by anyone, including elected leaders. Birds of a feather anyone?

That is the reality of the racist card being played right now against the good people of District 1 and the good citizens of our City at large. The only color involved in this is Green. Not the Councilperson but the color of money. She took it unlawfully in more ways than one and should be held acocuntable as anyone else would. Anyone who listens to hearsay and not look at the facts themselves are the problem.

I ask myself is Elliot himself has actually read all of the investigative report, 500+ pages to be exact, the actual testimony at the hearing, or anything else rather than a newspaper. I also wonder if he would stand as tall for say someone like Rick Blackwell, Bob Henderson, Stuart Benson, or Kelly Downard if they were in this position.

The answer is a clear one and that answer is no. Hey Rev?

Thou shalt not steal is one of the big 10 there.

You should restudy the basics of your bible. Perhaps you should also check out the basics like thou shalt not bear false witness, or thou shalt not covet. If you want to be a man of God then most certainly the onus is upon you to lead by example.

What message are you sending to the chioldren in our community now. Stealing is acceptable as long as you are elected? Do you tell them that during services?

No, instead you choose to try and involve your pulpit in politics and not God.

A religious leader would take the righteous road. You can forgive Green all you want, stand around and sing kumbayah to your heart's content, but it doesn't absolve her of her responsibility. By you involving yourself in the process to manipulate judgement quite frankly is an insult to real religious leaders in any community or any church. It also doesn't absolve you of your responsibility in this situation.

There is someting called penance perhaps you have heard of it during your bible studies?

I keep asking myself WWJD?

I wonder what He thinks of you trying to compare Judy Green to Jesus Christ in your comments?

I know I know. Judge not lest ye be judged. Tomato tomahto.

Of course James Green supposedly has been "quietly" sitting back and now decides to get involved. Why, he even witnessed Jim King's phone call with Judy! He stated it loudly so it must be true!

Hearsay anyone?

Of course James Green, if he listened at all, heard one side of a conversation so how in the hell could he ever testify he heard anything King had to say? Of course we also must listen to the messenger as well right?

Considering Green lost his law license for theft (sound familiar) one would tend to believe his credibility is not trustworthy either. He did take an oath to obey the laws when he was admitted to the bar. So legally speaking he hasn't proven he is trustworthy either.

Face reality folks. Jim King has gotten plenty of negative attention in his own right, primarily from me and my charges against him, so with that said how in the hell could he even begin to make a statement on this case in February before any hearing or evidence was presented?

My charges against Green were not even filed then.

Ray Barker? What in the world can he gain from this. Seriously, if Barker himself, or anyone else, thinks he would get appointed to fill the seat until a new election is held doesn't live in the real world either. Barker is now what most people refer to as damaged goods politically speaking.

No Ray did what he has always done. Stood up for the kids. And he is paying a price for his role in this.His character is under constant attack, his orals and values questioned. And yep even his ethics are under review.

All for standing up to do the right thing. And that is one reason we as a society fail. We punish those who stand up and do the right thing. Even when they are proven right we as a society tend to award the crooks and hurt the righteous.

I could write a book on what it has cost me to stand up for this community. Hell I am damaged goods because I stand up. No one invests in controversy or controversial figures. Such is life. I'm not crying just stating the obvious. I have pretty thick skin but others do not.

Anyone who would believe the lies of "King is behind this" certainly has no clue what they speak of. It simply defies logic.

Read this site and ask yourself how close you think me and King are. Or Ray Barker and King are. Trust me it isn't very. What is telling is that Bentley is involved and has been from the outset.

The same Denise Bentley who hates Jim King and still has not backed up any charges she made prior to her pulling her "book" off the shelf before one copy was ever delivered. This is the same Denise Bentley who is advising her good friend Judy Green. Quite honestly it is the same power game Bentley is known for. It is the biggest reason Denise paid a price for it and no longer wields the power she once had.

Is it any wonder that Green has now switched gears to focus on Jim King in his role as Metro Council President? Credibility anyone?

Lest anyone try again to accuse me of having a personal bias, the public record speaks for itself.

James Green was even granted a $100,000 forgivable loan by Jerry Abramson in March of 2007 to clean up the old Perkins Chrysler building on Dixie.

He never accomplished that so what happened to the money?

While a few like Charles Elliot, Judy Green, James Green, Denise Bentley, Mattie Jones, and Gracie Lewis, continue relying on these ridiculous tactics that divide the community based on lies and misinformation, which allows them to feel like they have some power to stroke their own egos, most of us live in the real world and deal with the reality inherent within.

The reality is that those mentioned above have lied, cheated, stolen, and connived one time to many and it is now time to stand up and accept the consequences.

Cheating, and stealing may be a way of life we became accustomed to over the years with Abramson, and some before him, today the future is looking brighter thanks to this case and more to come.

Character is when one does the right thing when no one is looking. It demands integrity in and of one's self, honesty, and a moral compass to guide you. None of which apply in this case or these people.

I will leave you with this:

Pronunciation: 'blas-f&-mE
Function: noun
: the crime of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for God or a religion and its doctrines and writings

And to think they would use the church for this type of behavior.

Sorry Elliot you just failed religion 101.


  1. It is frightening to hear that you actually agree with something I have written. Even more frightening, is the fact that I find myself agreeing with what you have written in this article. Good work! Keep on fighting the good fight! --Thomas McAdam

  2. Thank you for continuing to expose the cesspool that is/was the Abramson administration. The C-J isn't doing a bad job either.

  3. lol Thomas. We actually agree on many things though not necessarily on how it is put out there. Keep up the good work sir! :-)


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