Saturday, June 25, 2011


David Jones going after River Fields? Check this one out. Woah: David Jones Hits River Fields Pretty Hard. One question. Why now?

More good use of tax dollars.....What would you say if an agency funded by your City tax dollars spent our money rewarding the Metro Council for what else? Funding them. And we wonder why we have no faith in these clowns. Yep our own IPL, read throughout this site for their incompetency, decided to give a plaque to the Metro Council thanking them for funding laptop stands for their vehicles. LAPTOP STANDS required thanking the Council who funds these clowns anyway? Seriously?

The story that just won't go away...Yep Judy Green the story that lives! Seems the Council allowed Green 15 minutes of Council time to whine and cry about how mistreated she was and how all the charges against her were falsified. Seriously.
Judy Green calls misconduct case 'unfair,' defends her actions in Metro Council meeting The Courier-Journal courier-journ...

Now the racist at WLOU are trying to get petitions signed to save Judy Green from the lynching. Not my words folks. Theirs. Seriously what a bunch of idiots. To continue playing a race card from the 50's should be an insult to anyone who lived through those turbulent times and helped lead the way towards equality. One can only hope that the majority in this community, both white and black, understand that graft, greed, and corruption are wrong for anyone to do regardless of skin color. Green needs to go away. If she truly cared about the "kids" and the community she would not continue playing this divisionist game.

She would set a better example. Period. Of course that won't happen so stay tuned for more idiocy from this clown.

Since Green received 15 minutes of time regarding this case, though it was not before the Metro Council as an evidentiary hearing, I feel it only right and fair to allow equal time for Ray Barker and myself to get our 15 minutes apiece explaining the factual truth. You know just to make sure there is an equal playing field within the system of justice right?

This 15 minutes was definitely out of order and clearly showed that the Council does not understand their obligations in an ongoing case like Green's. Of course this is exactly what Green is hoping for.

Use the emotional argument rather than the facts of the case to further her agenda, and those of the idiots like Charles Elliot, Mattie Jones, Denise Bentley, Gracie Lewis, and others.

And to think there just may be 10 people in the community who actually think Green is right because they honestly have no clue.

Oh well.

Give me and Barker equal time Metro Council on Metro TV and let us set the record straight.

I won't hold my breath.......


  1. I wish Public Works could get some laptop stands too. We get zero funding for things we need.

  2. This whole River Fields thing is pretty fishy! Some pun intended. Why has no one mentioned that a high ranking long time member of River Fields is related to an editor at the CJ. It makes one wonder if the CJ has kept things low key for years, as have many current and former politicians. Perhaps hoping that the CJ would stay low key about them and their behavior.

    Just wondering.......


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