Sunday, June 26, 2011


As many of you are no doubt aware by now the official charges against Judy Green were read into the record at Thursday's Metro Council meeting. What was alarming was the fact that they allowed Green to ramble for over 15 minutes about the charges. This is not the way the process works folks. This clearly allowed Green to misuse her position to try and sway some to prejudge the case.

Of course her rambling included many falsehoods as usual by design. This of course is to play into the hands of those few supporters who choose to judge based on race instead of facts. No biggie.

The evidence is clear and Green is a crook. The transcripts of the case she keeps trying to adhere to prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

In the meantime my email to each Councilmember is below for your review. It is important to correct this mistake by the Council so the integrity of the process is equalized for future court review.

Yep there will be future court proceedings, all on our tax dime I might add, since Judy has stated she will appeal the ruling by the ethics commission which means her attorney's will be paid for that appeal with our money once again.

I will let you know their response. Happy reading.


I am alarmed at the state of events at the last Metro Council meeting on June 23, 2011 at which Judy Green was allowed to "try" her case before the Council in an inappropriate setting. Since this meeting was not the official hearing to address the charges before her by allowing Ms. Green to state her position and ramble for 15 minutes about the case and herself was wrong.

This creates the perception that once again Ms. Green was given unfair privilege based on her position with the Council. Never mind that the "facts" she cites from the transcripts are full of lies as well. The integrity of the entire Metro Council is now in question because of this blunder.

Seems Ms. Green would rather hide behind lies than truth. Since this was televised on MetroTV, and available to the entire City to view, anyone could clearly be misled by this blatant attempt by Ms. Green to circumvent the official process. By not allowing equal time, or a dissenting voice to respond and counteract these serious misrepresentations, one can reasonably infer and conclude that Ms. green was in fact innocent of all charges and pre judge this case accordingly.

I believe it would only be fair to allow equal time at the next Metro Council meeting for Ray Barker, who brought about the Green Clean team charges, and myself, who brought about the 100 Black Men grant charges. This would help level the playing field in the court of public opinion and right the wrong of the entire Council for allowing this misstep. The stakes are high in this situation as the entire Council is essentially on trial as well and the integrity of the entire Council itself is at stake.

Simply put? To ensure the process is not tainted, as it now appears to be, equal time should be given to Mr. Barker and myself prior to the official hearings on the removal of Ms. Green in order to balance the scale so to speak. It is important to allow this equal time to be put in the record for future reference since this case undoubtedly will not go away for some time and future courts will decide on the legality of it.

I am requesting that opportunity. Denying me would raise the question of ethical behavior by the entire Council itself for allowing Ms. Green an unfair opportunity in the quest for justice in this case.

Let this email serve as an official request for equal time to address the Council on Ms. Green's charges to dispute her reckless interpretation of the hearings itself.

That will be justice. I await your response.

Thanks for your time.

Ed Springston
(502)742-8519 Office
(502)417-5383 Cell
7707 Trillium Drive
Louisville, KY 40258

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