Saturday, June 11, 2011


The ethics commission has recommended the removal of Judy Green from the Metro Council for ethical violations regarding her Green Clean team, and undoubtedly will recommend the same thing again at their next hearing when they address the illegal grant funding by Green to the 100 Black Men organization.

Well done Ethics commission.

I have had reservations about any so called ethics commission in Louisville for some time now admittedly. In my opinion to date the commission has been non responsive and refused to do their job for this community. This case has given me new hope that we can begin anew the fight to hold our elected leaders accountable.

Many throughout this community have voiced the opinion that Green needs to go, while many elected leaders have been fearful of actually removing her. Why would they be scared?

There are many reasons of course but the main one is the fact that many of these Democratic majority elected leaders rely on the same back door dealings that Green does to get elected and stay elected. They rely on the same divisionist tactics as Green to serve their own personal agendas and ego trips.

Take for example a story from WFPL's Phillip Bailey on June 8 two days prior to the announcement:
WFPL News Fischer Hopes Ethics Charges “Work Out” for Green

From Mayor Fischer in the article.

“I’ve known her for several years and she’s a nice person and tries to do the best job everyday,” he said. “And let’s hope this works out okay for her.”

State finance records show the mayor’s father, George, and sister, Lynne, who worked on his campaign, both contributed to Green’s re-election bid against Ray Barker, Sr., who filed the first complaint against the councilwoman.

So why is this interesting? For many reasons actually.

As sources have told us over and over money talks in the West End in elections. "Seed" money is a common way for those like Clarence Yancey and Denise Bentley to "help" get someone elected. I can only tell you what I have been told. Make of it what you will.

I do, however, believe there is some substance to these allegation as sources are many not just one.

Sources also tell me that this was the reason for the falling out between Bentley and Jim King. Bentley wanted $70,000 to spread around and King said no. True or not? You be the judge. It is beyond interesting that Bentley supposedly wrote a "tell all" book on King that suddenly vanished after an investigation began. No proof was ever offered by her and no allegations substantiated from her about the charges she brought forth from that overnight venture. Credibility?

So why would Fischer go on the record for Green hoping everything works out for her? Well we know from Phillip Bailey's story that Fischer's family has financially supported Green's campaign efforts so is that the reason?

We know from the streets, though no one will go on record for fear of retaliation, that votes can be bought for cash in some places. Is that the reason?

Additionally, Fischer stated he would not get involved unless asked to do so. Going so far as to make this statement as well:

“I’m concerned anytime there’s an allegation in the community from anybody that things are not working as they should be regardless if it’s Metro Council, if it’s the mayor or anybody,” Fischer said. “The important thing is we have a process like we have right now to investigate those things, let everybody have their fair say on what happens, don’t pre-judge people and then live with the outcome of that.”

Mr. Mayor there is no prejudgement any longer. The ethics commission has made it quite clear what they believe should happen and now the Metro Council will decide what avenue to pursue.

Now we will see who is sincere about changes in this community and who are not.

The onus of course is on the Democrats of the Council, and/or the Mayor himself, to do the will of the commission and the community. They have the majority and they can choose whether to remove Judy Green or allow her to keep her job. It really is that simple.

Will they remove Green against her will even if they are fearful of revenge from her by outing what most already know?

Will they cower in fear and allow her to save her job?

Who knows but we do know that for the removal process to move forward would take 5 metro council members signatures, OR the Mayor himself can file the complaint.

If the Mayor is serious about changing Louisville then his mission is clear. Based on the ethics commission findings HE should initiate the complaint himself. After all he was elected on this openness, transparency, and change thing right?

From the looks of it Mayor Fischer will not be doing this and that raises suspicion of his intent to clean up the mess he was left with from Abramson. Democratic politics as usual?

We will now see just who the real players are and who is sincere in the efforts to bring accountability to Louisville elected leaders.

Metro Council, Mayor Fischer, are you guys up to the challenge?

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