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The Green debacle keeps getting funnier. As I reported last time Green has decided rather than face the charges of ethical violations with the public she chooses to play the race card. She even has her own daughter Jessica, who works with the Commonwealth's Attorney office on our tax dime, play the card for her The Greens Continue To Ridiculously Cry Racism
That should be a problem for us all. Someone working on the public dime spewing racism.
And it gets worse. After denying a meeting with some "Pastors" that happened last week then of course a "debate" was scheduled by American Slave, Inc, make of the name what you will, between Ray Barker and Judy Green, neither showed up.

After reportedly being involved in setting this up, or agreeing to appear, thanks to public involvement Green opted not to and says now her husband James will speak for her in the future. As for Barker? He didn't show either. Though he wanted to he listened to advice from others who told him the truth.

This was nothing more than an attempt to divide the community at his expense so the Green camp could claim this was all politics thus dividing the community further rather than own up to her ethical violations. Good move for Ray for not being scammed into it.

At the meeting from reports I have been given, Mattie Jones, we remember her don't we, tried to defend Green against the charges and claimed that every child that participated in the Green Clean team got paid. Of course that didn't sit well as reportedly at least one parent stood up and reported their child was not paid.

After initially ignoring the comment, Jones finally relented and said well mistakes were made and tried to justify Judy Green once again.

Finally Dereck Barber of American Slave, Inc interviewed with FOX41 you can see it here
Judy Green's district ponders what's next - Louisville News Kentucky Indiana News Weather Sports.

Of course there is the usual from wannabe divisionist Mattie Jones "There are certain things we're not satisfied with in the process, and we're here to see if others feel like we feel,"

The process is fine Mattie Jones. Your intent to continue defying logic in favor of slanting for your own gain is not.

Interesting to note that once again the charges themselves are being ignored. Barber even comments:

"Some people feel Mr. Ray Barker threw her under the bus, other people feel it was necessary," said organizer Dereck Barber. "We need to hash those issues out amongst our people, and figure out where we collectively stand."

This is exactly what is wrong with Green and her supporters in the District.

Our people? Those like Barber and Green need a reminder that "our people" are collectively ALL of the tax paying citizens of Louisville that Green represents in addition to her District. The money that she spends is not hers it is OURS.
Last I saw that money came from each of us black and white. Everyone uses it regardless of skin color. And for that reason alone we deserve accountability for our monies spent.

If I give my child a $20 bill to go to the store and get a can of green beans for dinner, would I not expect a receipt and change? I certainly expect an accounting of that money. It really is that simple a concept.

The fact that those such as Judy Green feel entitled to my money without that simple understanding shows the intent of the person regardless of their skin color.

For those like Barber and Jones who continually keep the African American community divided for their over inflated self serving interest and ego should be an insult to ALL of us who demand accountability from our elected leaders regardless of race.

The real insult is the fact that we continue to allow these narrow minded racist individuals a forum to pursue such a narrow agenda such as racism.

It is time to move away from this mindset that holds us back from being what we as a community can be and begin moving forward towards the community most of the good citizens want us to be. A community that embraces all without regard to skin color. A community that demands accountability from each of our elected members towards that endeavor.

That really isn't such a hard concept to get to in the 21st century, is it?

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  1. Judy Green needs to be held accountable for her lack of ethics, her financial mismanagement and the whole charade of acting as if she didn't know what she was doing was wrong and having her attorney try to get her out of trouble. In most places, this would have gotten a strong response of her being removed from the Metro Council and being forced to repay the debt and also possibly criminal charges. I hold no faith in the Louisville Metro Council to do what is right for the most part. They've shown the body politic that they don't care about the average citizen and right of the taxpayer to have their public monies spent in a way that is fiscally responsible and in a intelligent manner. Its time for the average person in Louisville to get up and start making these changes and get rid of the business as usual crowd that is involved in MSD, Metro Council, IPL, and the rest of the followers that are involved in these sorts of shenanigans. Lets hope over the coming year that the people of Louisville will continue to wake up as they have over the past few years to the corruption of the Jerry Abramson machine and the rest of the nonsense that has plagued this city for decades.


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