Friday, September 16, 2011


It is not often I would agree with Judge Rodney Burress in Bullitt County. In all honesty I am in the middle of an investigation of him as I write. With that said however, I have to say he was correct in overturning the unconstitutional smoking ban in Bullitt County brought about by the Health Department.

Why did he do so? Because the Health Department overstepped it's bounds. Period.

As reported in the CJ,
Attorneys for Bullitt Fiscal Court and the county’s eight cities argued that the county Board of Health overstepped its authority by enacting a far-reaching policy that could only be legally passed by city councils or Fiscal Court.

Margaret Miller, one of two attorneys who represented the health board, cited Kentucky Revised Statute 212.230, which she said specifically states that health boards “shall” adopt, implement and enforce regulations necessary to protect public health.

In Burress’ ruling, he said the health board’s justification of the ban would open the door to health departments banning candy and deep-fried foods, or limiting the consumption of red meat.

And that is the rub. The Health Department itself cannot pass laws that affect the citizenry. They can enforce existing laws or regs that are put upon them, but cannot make law for us. That is why we have elected leaders.

Judge Burress got this one right.

In other news, Phillip Bailey has a copy of Todd P'Pool's latest campaign ad in his race to unseat Jack Conway and I have to admit one thing.

It is this kind of asinine thinking in current Republican campaigns that will make sure the Democrat incumbents keep the Governor's mansion and the AG's office.

Guys we get it. Obama bad.

Hell I can't think of one thing Barrack Obama has done that I can agree 100% with since he was elected. I bring these issues to light each night on my radio show, BUT if this is the best the opposition Republican Party can come up with than they are further out of reality than one can possibly fathom.

AG Conway has so many things he can be attacked for, Aqua Buddha, his brother Matt's drug situation, and so many others it defies logic that some idiotic campaign manager actually thinks the spot is a good one.

Conway has not been a good AG choosing instead to take on easy stuff and ignoring the tough choices. That does not mean he isn't electable as the latest polls show. He is electable only because of these type candidates and efforts.

We the people are sick of these campaigning efforts. They do an injustice to each and every one of us by thinking we are so dumb, and having the audacity to treat us as if we were, that we would actually vote for you based on these type ads.

Todd P'Pool listen closely.

THIS is an example of why you are trailing by 27 points and why Jack Conway will win easily in November.

Republican Party of Kentucky take heed. If this is the best you can do for candidates that include the asinine attempts by you and KC Crosbie to rid a Libertarian off the ballot in Ken Moellman, you will never be taken seriously for the biggest offices in the State.

The Dimocrats are a ridiculous bunch of thugs who have no vision and have destroyed Kentucky.

The way you guys have campaigned the last couple of cycles clearly show why they are able to do so.

Finally, for all things bridges check out last night's Ed Springston Show here:

Until next time folks.

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