Monday, September 19, 2011


For years now I have been writing about MSD problems, debt, and how they are going to ruin Louisville accordingly. Finally, it looked as though we might be on the brink of getting some sunshine with MSD and maybe some way to hold them accountable ala Judy Green and the ethics commission.

I may be wrong.

On the surface the ethics commission is saying the right things about MSD. Read more here

"Call me suspicious, but I think they want us to do the grunt work and provide an opinion - and they’ll cherry-pick what they want to keep," said commission member Gus "Skip" Daleure. "I don’t want this commission to be used." 

But there are many questions coming to light such as why Deborah Kent was given a $50,000 no bid contract to sit as counsel for the ethics commission.

While I believe the ethics commission did an excellent job with the Judy Green scandal I also believe that they now must make sure they pass muster as well. 

Why is this contract a problem now?

Simply because Ms. Kent was an attorney for Larry Zielke for 3 years AND an attorney for MSD for six years. Should she be involved in any way, shape, or form with anything ethical or otherwise regarding MSD? I think not and so do most folks I have spoken with. 

How can the ethics commission judge anyone from an ethical standpoint when their attorney is compromised?

And that's the rub. Much more will be coming out about Deborah Kent very soon I assure you but for now pay close attention to this developing story and call your Councilpersons to ensure we don't make a laughingstock out of our ethics commission after they have done such credible work to date. 

Until next time folks......

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