Friday, September 9, 2011


What more can be said about this train wreck called Louisville Metro Council Member Judy Green? Well plenty actually.It seems while Judy has been playing the medical card, with no proof to back up her claims, even going so far as to say she may have to show up at Monday's hearing with an oxygen machine, she has had no problem breathing apparently while boxing up her stuff in her Council office and removing it.

Meanwhile, she has been working behind the scenes trying to get support to keep her district unchanged so she can run for office again later contacting every African American on the Council for support. From what I understand the only one showing that support is Mary Woolridge.

Yep peas in a pod but that is a story for another day.

Additionally, after saying she would never resign the County Attorney's office mysteriously had to issue a ruling saying the Council could continue with the hearings even IF Judy Green resigned.

We call that fishing folks.

Why would O'Connell have to even consider that right now unless something came to his attention from Green or others wanting clarification. None of it matters anyway.

No matter the outcome Green will continue the legal challenges because quite frankly she has nothing left to her. After stating over and over again about all the stuff she knows on everyone she has mysteriously remained quiet about the alleged info.

After being subpoenaed for records she could not produce them.

The plan was to resign late in the game so she would not be impeached and therefore be able to run in 2012 for her seat. Then of course, I told the world on my radio show, MyViewMatters Radio that Green would be out of a job anyway after redistricting because the new district alignment would certainly put her in Cheri Bryant-Hamilton or David Tandy's District thus, for all intents and purposes, ending her Council career as no one would vote against either in favor of Green.

Wonder why redistricting became so important to her when she was supposedly off for medical reasons? Any wonder why she is now reportedly emptying her office? Do we wonder further if anyone has been checking what she is removing?

With her history we do not know and that in itself is alarming. I can't believe no freeze order or anything else has been put in place on removing potential evidence from that office.

Then of course after all this time and Green and her friend Denise Bentley practically begging for support, only 40 people showed up last night to listen to the racist taunts by Green and her followers.

Indications are that 7 were speakers so the number of actual listeners is even lower.

Continuing to use the race card Green, and those few so called Reverends that benefit from her, are still trying to divide the community for their own gain. Thank God no one is listening.

While Green has used racism to attack throughout this ordeal, let's not forget who she is taking it out on. Phillip Bailey prominent reporter for WFPL, Ray Barker, known as Sir Friendly C who filed the original charge against the Green Clean team, and Barbara Shanklin, one of the most well known politicians in Louisville.

Oh yeah all are African American too.

So who exactly is being the racist here Judy Green?

You and your husband are.

On top of all that, as a good faith gesture, I use that term loosely we are paying her after all.

Green should have attended the Metro Council meeting last night
We pay for her representation and what does she do? She arranges and attends a "rally" in one more weak effort to keep her job.

One more example of taxpayers being screwed by you.

Um Judy, just exactly what does that boneheaded decision show to any of us taxpayers? You skip what we are paying you to do for your own personal benefit once again? Considering the weak turnout, once again you do not have the support you continue to want to believe you have.

You have never shown any remorse or taken any responsibility whatsoever for your actions and decisions. Hell most people in this community are forgiving by nature. We have had to be because of all the garbage the so called leaders we elect continue to pull.

You have not given anyone a single reason to work towards forgiveness instead deciding to forge ahead and blame everyone but yourself.

So here are a couple of easy questions for you.

Who has been robbing the taxpayers blind Judy Green?

You have.

Louisville Attorney James Green himself lost his law license due to theft charges years ago and perhaps that is where Judy learned the game from. I don't know.

Who has steadfastly declined to do the right thing?

You have.

Who has stated they don't have to pay back over $350,000 in defaulted student loans?

You have.

I could go on but you get the point. This lies squarely on the shoulders of Judy Green and no one else. Don't continue acting like the victim when you yourself are the perpetrator. It is called responsibility. Though you may not know what that word means look it up.

The only color involved here is the color Green. Money. Moolah, and your abuse of our good faith and our wallets.

From my perspective it is the single most reason Judy Green needs to go and not soon enough.

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