Friday, September 9, 2011


As I have stated over and over Green would resign at the last minute. 
I even told you last night on my radio show. Is anyone surprised? Certainly not me. What can be said about Green that hasn't already been covered in this whole fiasco.

Of course she also used the predictable "health reasons", and spending more time with her family, as I also said she would months ago. Funnily enough she even mentioned wanting to save the taxpayers money.

That was the most laughable part of all. She has already wasted over six figures of our money defending herself on our dime. To think with her history she actually believes anyone thinks she is worried about saving our money is absurd.

I will give her an easy out though because I am such a nice guy.

Judy Green if you are worried about saving our tax dollars then drop the appeal.
We, the taxpayer, are paying for your attorneys in Wicker and Reid from the ethics findings.

This resignation, though predictable, will surely leave a lot of questions unanswered and justice will still be denied to an extent.

For example, even if the Council Court continues with the hearings on Monday, does anyone honestly think it will be a full blown hearing that will include testimony from Andrea Jackson or Melody Hill? Both need to be heard under oath to see the real scam that is/was Judy Green.

Doubtful we will get there though now.

Will Dave Stengel finally do his job and bring criminal charges against Green for her criminal behavior without a full accounting from the Council court?

The answer is no. This protects his office as well. 

So who finally got Green to resign and what was the deal? 
I am not sure if any deal was made but Green literally had no defense. She had no records and no witnesses to vindicate her side of the story and quite frankly the only defense she could use was the same one Wicker tried at the ethics commission.

The old I am a good person and it was everyone else's fault defense.

Which of course means she had no defense at all. So why bother with spending more of our tax money on appeals. Because that is Judy Green and she doesn't care as long as it isn't her money.

If Judy cared one bit about we the taxpayers she would have finished this long ago. If she cared today she would stop spending our money immediately.

Sadly she just never got that. Even sadder still is the fact that this fiasco will go on until she does. 

So for now goodbye Councilwoman Judy Green and good riddance.

At least until we have to deal with part 2............

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