Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Judy Green was ousted from the Council after a unanimous vote

Shortly after 6:30 PM the Metro Court reconvened after deliberating for more than an hour and a half. Their conclusion? Judy Green was ousted from the Council after a unanimous vote on both counts against her. The first by Ray Barker in regards to the Green Clean Team, and the second by yours truly for my charges against her in regards to the 100 Black Men organization.

Citizens of Louisville Metro and Jefferson County, Kentucky... You are welcome.

I don't say that because of some perverse need to self gratify myself. No I say that because this case was absolutely necessary and literally thousands of Louisvillians got to see justice finally being done.

With the conclusion of this portion of the case (and believe me there will be more I am sure) one wonders what we can look forward to now that we have precedent set first by citizen involvement, secondly, the ethics commission, and finally the Metro Council.

Let no one think by a long shot this is over. It has only just begun.

For starters, after Green tried to act like she was some concerned Council member with her stunt last week of resigning, (yes it was a stunt or she could have done it 6 months ago), do not forget. Former Metro Council member Judy Green still has a pending appeal with the ethics commission. Her defense is STILL being paid for by your tax dollars though she stated when she resigned she was doing so in part to save the taxpayer expense. Right.

It will be interesting to see if she tries to appeal the Council Court findings since she would have to pay for that defense out of her own pocket.

As much as we learned during testimony over the last two days we now have even more questions, and potential charges, against some of those involved.

One of which is Charles Alexander, her former campaign treasurer and treasurer of the 100 Black Men or?. The most logical question is who committed perjury under oath?

Was it Melody Hill who testified under oath that Green talked with Alexander and convinced him to do the grant this way, or was it Charles Alexander who claimed he only worked with Hill on this even after admitting he was a friend of Judy's for over 28 years.

Even Rick Blackwell who I am always critical of did not miss that one.

Of course Alexander talked with Green and worked their stories out. Why would he not ask his friend of 28 years if this was ok if he had reservations? To think otherwise defies common sense.

So that is one avenue I will be pursuing. Perjury charges.

Another aspect that raises questions is the testimony of Clarence Yancey. Why is it that every witness was questioned ad nauseum by the Louisville Metro Council Court, and Yancey received a free pass. There are pics of Yancey at events with a Green T shirt on, Yancey distributes flyers with endorsements on it every election, and yet no one dared ask him about any of this.


Perhaps, but Green presented the need for overkill based on her actions over the last several months and this was one avenue to make sure everyone knew how things really work in elections and was a missed opportunity. This could have helped lay out the game for everyone so we don't revisit this later. Many questions on that one for sure.

The best thing about all of this was that we now have a precedent and a path to sunshine. This does not bode well for some other Metro Council members in the future. I can assure you that at least one, perhaps two, Council members will now have charges brought against them and this case sets precedent for the outcome.

This is one more reason why this case needed to move forward as it did.

The Judy Green precedent was a test for the Metro Council, and a test for "We the people". We set the stage for the future accountability we will now demand from Louisville Metro Government.

Judy Green made a mockery of her reign as an elected official and a mockery of the system itself.

She has tried everyting she could to avoid responsibility for her actions, even lying to the people she purported to represent. The folks in District 1 should be ashamed of her, not rallying for her.

The Rev's who decided to get into State affairs from the pulpit should lose their tax exempt status and any other perk they get from the Government. That will give us a true test of separation of church and state, but doubtful it will happen.

For some Council members this was a warning, for others it was the first shot across the bow as now some will be working OT to protect themselves from future charges. Some in the South end need to be very wary of the ongoing investigations that began before this started.

Some will be losing their jobs or resigning for various other reasons, insert excuse here: health, family, etc. The real reson is they don't want to deal with what Green just had to. Judy taught them the value of overestimating their importance.

I am very proud of the way this hearing was conducted openly.

Many props to Councilman Downard for the way he handled this whole thing. What could have become a circus stayed far away from being one. Councilman Downard ran a great 1st Metro Court and set the standard for others who may be in his position to follow.

In the meantime for today, I am very happy with the Council overall for having the fortitude to realize that since Green decided to play this as a publicity stunt we had to move forward with the entire process to ensure we the people knew the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help us God.

Pay close attention Reverend Elliott. You decided to play in this game and assured that the "Supreme Power" is the only one who would judge Judy Green has now done so.

HE did so by proxy through the Metro Council Court.......


  1. Good job, Mr. Springston.

  2. Wonder if the accusations made about Dan Johnson by Jessica Green is just Her way of retaliation for the removal of her mother Judy Green?Hmmm.No local reporting about this,just a media lynching of Johnson so far before any guilt has been proven.Something is rotten in Louisville and i don't mean Denmark...

  3. I wonder if the accusations made agaisnt Dan Johnson by Jessica Green is retaliation for the removal of Her mother Judy Green a few years back?Nothing in the local media has been said about that just seems a public Lynching of Johnson so far witou any proof or evidence before hand.Something smells rotten in louisville-Meanwhile Taxpayers get to pay.....Once again.


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