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You know you have to admire how the story continues to change in the case of loose cannon David Whitlock. First we were told that Wal Mart security stopped him and then he went after Tammy Ortiz, the unarmed female he shot for allegedly shoplifting.

Now he does an interview with the Courier saying he was called on his cell phone by Wal Mart security while he was shopping there.


He said he’d shopped and was on his way home when he got a call on his cell phone rang from security personnel in the store, who told them a lady was fighting them and they needed his help quickly.

Little problem? Perhaps to some, but in my opinion it raises just as many red flags as anything else this convicted felon Constable David Whitlock has ever said or done.

For starters.

Is it Wal Mart policy to call a Constable on the phone and request assistance? Somehow I doubt it. In fact I would bet that whatever the situation was with Tammy Ortiz policy would be for in store security to attempt to detain her or call 911 for local real police officer help.

Therein lies just one reason Wal Mart will be on the hook for a lawsuit for this wannabe cowboy shooting an unarmed civilian.

Why would Wal Mart in store security even have Whitlock's cell phone number in the first place? Was there collusion between Whitlock and in store security to call him first so he could prove his self worth? If not, why would he call a wannabe instead of the real police if Ortiz was such a threat?

Take this, for example, according to Whitlock's own statement from the article:

Whitlock said he did not make it into the store though and never saw Ortiz fighting with anyone. He said he confronted her in the parking lot, where the shots were eventually fired.

Can there be any doubt that what he did was illegal? No way.

Typical of Whitlock and his history of abusing his own perceived power in his mind, from allegedly illegally stopping motorists so he and his personal police impersonator Mike Stephens and crew could harass them, to stealing car keys. Denny's at Crittenden Drive and Eastern Parkway was a favorite place for them to do just that. Many reports concern the I-71 corridor as well.

We will get into that story in later editions and explain how the network that includes correections officer Donnie Miller, the Off Duty police security business, and much more is involved.

Not to mention the theft history of Whitlock himself.

The facts are that NO legitimately trained law enforcement officer can react the way Whitlock did in this situation. you cannot use second hand information and put yourself in this situation which is exactly what Whitlock did.

I know this first hand.

Without witnessing the event all any legit law enforcement officer would do is take a report and recommend what actions you could take. They would not be in a situation that Whitlock created. Period.

No Whitlock has always been a loose cannon to the general public and when all evidence is outed hopefully will be removed from office, convicted of a felony, and removed from ever putting we the people in this position again.

He took down all his websites yesterday to try and hide evidence but thankfully I have a copy of it all for the investigators to prove he used illegal deputies. He also tried to portray on his site (since removed I have copies)that one of the things they do is work providing gun safety for children.

This of course is laughable when you look at the previous video and pictures here on Louisville News and what his own deputies do in a home where children live.


Mark Handy, a deputy Jefferson County sheriff, who was in that 2008 class with Whitlock said it included firearms recertification and driving skills. But Whitlock didn’t get to the driving section because he failed the shooting portion and was sent home, Handy said. The certification included shooting at targets from various positions and distances in a set amount of time.

“He flunked shooting,” Handy said. “I was there. I thought it was an embarrassment.”

Of course this guy can't even qualify to shoot so how does he justify shooting his personal weapon in a public parking lot.

No folks, in my opinion Whitlock is nothing more than a sociopath with delusions of grandeur who feels the need to play renegade cowboy for his own self gratification. He only cares about having a badge, gun, and radio so he can feed his own ego of self worth and feel empowered over those he chooses to harass.

This attitude is what led to the shooting of Tammy Ortiz regardless of whether shoplifting is proven or not.

This is exactly why this guy needs to be off the streets and his buddies Michael Stephens, Cody Whitaker, James "Brent" Choate, and the rest need to be in jail as well.

More to come..........

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  1. What is the difference between the Constables and Bullitt County Sheriffs office "Special Deptuies"? Some of the "Special Deputies" have no police background or very little at all and can still tote around a badge and wear a side arm (which are not department issued). And they are sworn deputies by the sheriff himself.

  2. Whitlock's story has changed drastically from his first account. There goes his credibility.. First he was shopping inside the store when he was contacted, then it was a phone call, then it was "He said he’d shopped and was on his way home..." Holy crap, he's screwed!

    I just found this Googling around:

    Officer James Brent Choate is Arrested

    06.17.2006 - A Hart county part-time deputy jailer is arrested for stealing property valued at $10,000.

    Twenty-three-year-old James Brent Choate of Bonnieville was arrested by the Sheriff's Department for stealing two military handheld radios belonging to the Kentucky Army National Guard.

    The radios were stolen when the unit was in Munfordville providing assistance during the November 6 tornado of last year.

    According to the Hart county sheriff, at the time of the theft Choate was employed as a part-time Hart County 911 dispatcher, and is currently a part-time deputy jailer at the Hart County Jail.

    Choate is lodged in the Hart County Jail and has been charged with two counts of theft by unlawful taking over $3,000.

  3. Hey Ed, why haven't you updated your story bashing Whitlock with this story? Oh, it doesn't go along with the narrative you're trying to portray, huh? Lol...

    "Woman shot by constable arrested for shoplifting in separate incident"


    1. LMAO. You actually think this changes the story? Sorry Whitlock,,,I mean, er, um the actions that were taken in this situation have no relevance whatsoever on the actions taken in a separate one. Nice try though.


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