Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Louisville Election Eve 2011 with Ed Springston

Whitlock's Constable Command Post
Louisville's only local hard hitting radio show busts the Jefferson County Constable's Office Scams wide open.
Tonight we focus on "Stupid Cop Tricks" by Constable Whitlock's deputies and Whitlock himself. Louisville Attorney Maury Kommor who is representing David's shooting victim should add us to his Christmas List for this freebie.
  • Here is a photo of David Whitlock's Mobile Command Post complete with emergency lights, sirens and Louisville Metro Government Logos. Notice he refers to himself as Colonel David Whitlock and does not mention the other two elected county constables he must share power with.
  • Here is proof positive that David Whitlock is passing out Deputy Badges.
  • Retired LMPD Detective confirms David Whitlock IS a convicted felon. http://www.wave3.com/story/15981138/retired-lmpd-officer-calls-constable-involved-shooting-a-wannabe 
  • Visit our new website www.LouisvillePolitics.com soon for a complete information dump on what we have been given about the Jefferson County Constable's Office and their scams against the tax payers of Louisville Metro. 
We also discuss tomorrow's upcoming election races.
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Unauthorized Jefferson County Constable Badge 2011

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