Monday, November 14, 2011


According to anonymous sources the Council is preparing a resolution to ask the State House to impeach troubled Constable David Whitlock. As many of you know by now by reading previous stories here David Whitlock, Whitlock has been a continuous source of trouble for citizens of Jefferson County and has his own questionable past.

Louisville Metro Council District 12 Rep Rick Blackwell will be the sponsor, and co sponsors will be District 16 Rep Kelly Downard and District 6 Rep David James.

Additionally, I am being told the first of two ordinances curtailing the duties of the Constable are forthcoming this week. It is an ordinance that would prevent the Constable's employees, or volunteers from possessing any badge, or any official uniform including ones that mimic LMPD, and the Sheriff's office.

Sponsored by District 6 Councilman David James, and co sponsored by District 16 Councilman Kelly Downard, and District 12 Councilman Rick Blackwell, it will be presented this week.

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  1. They already have an ordinances that limits uniforms and badges, but he isn't in violation of those anyway. He CAN have a badge and a uniform, after all. Why can't they just address the real problem and go after him for the deputies?


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