Monday, November 14, 2011


We continue to read stories about "Occupy Louisville,"  which is nothing more than assuming the role of the original Occupy Wall Street movement. These "occupy" protests are cropping up all over the Country and we have covered them before. Interestingly enough even after all this time no one seems to know what they are occupying or what they are there for.

I have been by Jefferson Square numerous times on different days and typically see less than 7 or 8 people actually occupying anything. So much for the mass movement lamestream media keeps trying to convince us is happening right here in good ol' Louisville Ky.

I mean think about it. The thing that we continue being piped into our head is the occupiers want fairness. Seems like a great idea, but if it was so great why aren't over 700,000 Louisvillians involved? More importantly, fairness of just what exactly?

Nothing is free in this world so the whole concept of fairness is a moot point. How can it be fair that one guy has money and can go spend say a grand at the boat. Is it their fault an occupier does not have that disposable income? Does the occupier deserve the same money without taking in consideration of the work ethic involved?

Is it "fair" that one guy works his tail off, assumes all the risk of opening a business and someone else "deserves" equal money for having absolutely nothing to do with it?

What about my rights? What is fair about my rights being violated by walking through Jefferson Square and getting attacked by the 3 people that are normally there wanting to waste my time trying to compel me to join their fight.

Is it "fair" for these people to try and force me to listen to them when all I want is to sit in the park my tax dollars paid for in peace? My taxes paid for the public use of that park and I should be able to enjoy it without the vultures violating my privacy right?

We also continue to hear about how the occupiers want "free education, a living wage," and a whole host of other things no one seems to get but them.

So just why do these people think they deserve a free education? Teachers must be paid they depend on their job to support their families as well. Should I pay more in taxes so those that decide to stay n school as a career don't have to contribute?

A living wage? Define living wage. While I want people to get the pay they deserve there are many out there who just don't deserve to be paid.

Why would I work my tail off to separate myself from the rest, and deserve a raise for my efforts, when all I have to do is just show up and do nothing and get paid the same as the gung ho guy trying to do better?

Where is the incentive for the worker?

More importantly just why do these "occupiers" think they are entitled to something for nothing? Where did they learn that from?

That is just one of the most basic fundamental problems that concern America today. No one understands or knows anymore just what our fight is, was, and shall be as a Nation. Our Nation itself is as clueless when it comes to a direction as I believe these occupiers are.

We don't teach civics in school anymore so where would anyone learn? We don't believe in personal responsibility anymore and have created the whole, "it is someone else's fault" mentality that denies us true accountability for our own actions.

And of course our politicians love it because they can screw us all at will.

Here you go occupiers. Here is a plan.

Want a job? Go get one. It may not be the $100 an hour pay you want but you have to start somewhere. Are some of  you too good to work at a warehouse for $10 an hour instead choosing to take my tax dollars and not produce? 

If you choose to go to school? Know the market and trends. Study something that is marketable. Just about everybody has a degree in business management these days. Just how much do you think those degrees should be worth? Just how many chiefs do you think any company needs? Study a career that is in need not one that is overused.

Don't like Wall Street and the bailouts? Get involved in a political campaign and get rid of all the incumbents. They make the rules not Wall Street or corporations.

The only one who owes you anything is YOU. Period. The end.

If you truly want change then quit whining and get busy. Bring some solutions to the table that make sense and are affordable. All it requires is a one word concept. The word?


Go to work and earn your keep but quit whining about your plot in life. Your life is what you make of it not anyone else.

But for you 7 or so people who actually show up for the occupy events?

Please stay the hell away from me. I really don't want to listen to the whining or be included in your own personal drama. I raised my kids I don't want to raise you.

I have a real life. I work at everyday.

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