Friday, November 11, 2011


For quite some time now I have often wondered just why the CJ censors my comments or anyone else's. It seems they do this on a whim at will and generally because they feel threatened in my opinion. Sure I know bold statement but true nonetheless.

Take the David Whitlock stories they have been running for example.

CJ came to me months ago for permission to use my blog on their website under 502 blogs. Unpaid of course, but I gave permission freely and why not? If anyone was interested in what I had to say one more avenue to get my stories out sure could not hurt. Yet interestingly whenever there is a post in their own comments section that has a link to my site and stories they get deleted. They "violate terms of service."

Whatever that means.

I mean they have my site listed, though obscurely, on their own Internet site and still delete links to my site in comments? Kind of dumb if you ask me but I laugh every time they censor them.

Now apparently they have to use commenter's information to update stories. Yep I laughed when I noticed it this morning. For your review.

Posted yesterday at 11:56 am, CJ on VA Hospital #1, I decided to read the article then checked out what the commenter's were saying when I ran across this:

CTKGS 12:17 PM on November 10, 2011

BS The government owns the land the current VA is located. Now we have to spend money to buy up land. The Veterans that use and the people that work at the hospital are against moving the hospital, but what do we know and who cares about us.. We only use the facility and work at the facility. Wonder who owns these two parcels of land? How must have they donated to the political parties?

Following that was this one:

WATCHdogger 12:48 PM on November 10, 2011

CTKGS - "Wonder who owns these two parcels of land? How must have they donated to the political parties?"

4906 Brownsboro Rd

Owned by MIDLAND HOLDINGS, LLC - Jonathan Blue and David Roth


Political contributions by members of Blue Equity, LLC EXCEED $31,000 just since 2006, 90% to Democrats

(per KY Registry for Election Finance online records)

Jonathan Blue political contributions since 2002 EXCEED $34,000, 90% to Democrats.

David Roth's contributions (there appears to be more than one David Roth) cannot be reasonably estimated, but they appear to be similar to Jonathan Blue's..

13600 block - Factory Lane

The 2 largest Property Owners (per Jeff. Co. PVA office records) in this block are:

Louisville Water Co. - 79 acres
St. Joseph Orphan Home - 2 parcels totalling - 141 acres

Still with me? Notice the information included in Watchdogger's comments?

Fascinatingly this story was so hot and heavy the CJ decided to do another one just hours later:

9:51 PM, Nov. 10, 2011
CJ on VA Hospital #2

And if you notice this article mysteriously uses the exact info from the commenter Watchdogger from the original article. Minus the political contributions that of course favor Democrats.

Just how desperate is the CJ these days?

Who knows but one thing is for sure. It is time to start paying more attention to the bloggers with your ad dollars and visits then someone who professes to be a mainstream news source.

We don't let you down.

What do you think?

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  1. Ed you are on a roll.
    The only reason the city wants to move the VA hospital is the fact it sits on the most beautiful view of the river and downtown skyline in the area. Much the same reason they shut down the River Road Country Club. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.


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