Thursday, November 10, 2011


MSD More disturbing news

A story broke last night about Jefferson County filing the largest municipal bankruptcy in history. Jefferson County Alabama that is. Jefferson County Bankruptcy Why is this important?

Because we have been covering the plight of Jefferson County Alabama for years. They have been one of the models our MSD, led by Bud Shardein, continues to use when explaining the EPA consent decree and the money we in Louisville are on the hook for.

Just follow this link for more on this story. Springston and MSD Unfortunately, we are on the same path thanks to our leadership.

At last count at least 6 officials have been convicted and now serving jail time due to their negligence and illegal dealings with the same financing scheme we are now stuck with thanks to our leadership. Pay close attention to this story as it will hit home hard a lot sooner than we think.

Constable Whitlock story continues

Even more questions arise about the expungement of David Whitlock's felony conviction. The number one question at this point for me is, why did Commonwealth Attorney Dave Stengel allow this guy to be on the street?

Recently ( September 2011) Commonwealth Attorney Dave Stengel fired an Assistant Commonwealth attorney for expunging cases Illegal expungement. Felicia Nu'Man was terminated for expunging felony cases by Dave Stengel. Which begs the question, why was Whitlock's felony conviction expunged?

Stengel says that it is against state law to expunge felonies and fired Nu'Man because of it.

Since Stengel has been Commonwealth Attorney in Louisville, KY since 1996 we have to ask. Where was he during the Whitlock case? We can only wonder.

Stay tuned for more folks!

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  1. I suspect that "on the books" he was never actually convicted of a felony (or even a misdemeanor). The whole concept of felony diversion is to keep first-time offenders (which he wasn't) from having a felony on their record for a relatively low-level crime. In reality, every time they permit someone who had clearly committed a felony (such as a theft over the felony limit) they are doing what they did with Whitlock, and it is a common plea agreement tactic. A similar process is conditional discharge, you behave for 2 years and the case goes away, without you having to go through the expungement process. What I don't know is, in that case, did he agree to a misdemeanor conviction that is ultimately what got expunged? (Legally, you can't expunge a felony, but you CAN ask to have it vacated or reduced to a misdemeanor and then expunged - which is what happened in the recent case with Nu'man.) The problem is, though, to expunge a convicted misdemeanor takes I think, 5 years, so what happened to the first case involving Louisville Search and Rescue? Getting a second conviction is supposed to keep the first one from getting expunged.

  2. Everything has been put on a silver platter for the County Attorney. Why hasn't there been any arrests of his impersonators? Whitlock is clearly guilty of conspiracy on his "deputies" as well, so during the course of his shooting incident, he should have been reeled in for the impersonators.


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