Wednesday, November 9, 2011


For those of you who actually care about our Kentucky politics and voted thank you. For all you who did not, well I can almost understand. It seems in recent elections getting people motivated to go to the polls and vote has become a serious struggle. And why not? It continues to be a situation of a choice between either dumb and dumber, or as most people call it the lesser of two evils.

I, for one, was not surprised in the least by the final tallies last night.

I also do not believe most actually chose a candidate. I believe most used the straight party ticket to vote and that perhaps had a lot to do with the outcome.

In the Governor's race there was simply no way David Williams or Gatewood Galbraith could or would win. Williams and the Republicans took a shellacking last night because they still just do not get the public sentiment and what we want.

Any novice campaign manager could have put on a more effective campaign for Republicans and made it respectable.

Big words right?

Look at the reality. Steve Beshear and Abramson did not win because they had a better vision. In fact, they basically ignored we the people until the last couple of weeks because they knew they didn't have to. It was a good strategy. Give credit where it is due.

But why were they able to do so? Neither has been successful for Kentucky so far. Look at the Abramson baggage alone that he left for current Mayor Greg Fischer in Louisville. So how did it happen?

Because the Republicans had a weak candidate in David Williams due to years of baggage attached to his neck as Senate President. Whether true or not, there was just too much to overcome. Throw in the Dem faithful who vote with the straight party option most of the time and you have your answers.

The problem wasn't just the baggage Williams himself had, or the realization that his campaign gave the Richie Farmer name WAY too much credit throughout the state, no the problems were more straight forward than that.

In fact, I don't believe this was an election against the Republicans as much as it was against the poor Republican field itself. How else can you explain a sitting Governor being able to ignore the people, bring together no real plan, and lie about his achievements, and still get reelected?

It seemed from the very beginning that the overall Republican campaign strategy was to make every candidate run against Barrack Obama. You didn't go to any function and hear so much about what the Republicans would do as much as it always seemed to be "vote for me because I am against President Obama."

And that was the fundamental flaw with the Republican field in general. They just seemed too intent trying to focus on a predictable ultra right wing Christian conservative platform. The "I'm against Gays, for God and guns, and against abortion" deal, and trying to tie it around President Obama and by default Steve Beshear. This most certainly hurt every Republican candidate.

One exception. James Comer for Ag commish. Comer actually deserved this race and quite frankly should have a bright political future ahead of him in KY. As long as he doesn't blow it by listening to these old guard Republicans who have no clue about today's Republican party. Congrats and good luck Commissioner Comer.
These elections were for the people of Kentucky. They were not for or against President Obama, who will answer for his job next year, and yet the Republican leadership never recognized that reality.

At a time when the Country is falling apart at the seams, Kentucky is suffering as much or more than others, there was a real opportunity to separate the Republicans from the Democrats by focusing on what we can do better.

Instead they chose to use the same old tired ho hum campaign strategy that has failed continuously and will again if the direction is not changed.

Today people are more in tune with what is actually going on than ever. They are longing for real leadership and real solutions. Most are sick of the same old tired rhetoric of the GGGA, gays, God, guns, and abortion, they are also sick of the constant negative attacks and trying to be something we know these politicians are not.

People of virtue.

This election was a clear indicator of just why the majority choose not to vote anymore.

We the people are seeking leadership. Leaders that will actually move to the front and show us a better way.

We want leaders who are inclusive and who offer a real plan to move us forward.

Unfortunately when the Republican party had a real chance to bring about change in Kentucky this election cycle, against such weak leaders as Beshear and Abramson, they opted instead to prove they are followers by continuing to follow the same old tired way of campaigning that we the people have gotten sick of.

Let's hope they do a better job next time. I for one am no longer asking for a change. I am now demanding it.

Who will rise to the challenge?

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