Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dave Stengel helps drug dealers

Louisville, KY - Former Commonwealth Attorney Dave Stengel, and current candidate for Kentucky State representative District 29, released a scathing radio commercial today that accused his opponent, incumbent Kevin Bratcher, of essentially aiding drug dealers in Kentucky.

Attorney Dave Stengel has a long sordid history of his own in that regard and has just revealed one more reason why he should never be considered for public office again.
Maybe he thinks we forgot about his blatant aid in trying to hide Attorney General Jack Conway's brother Matt's drug allegations.

We covered this story previously here.

You may recall that in 2010 Matt Conway was under investigation for drugs while working as an Assistant Commonwealth's attorney under Stengel. According to the this story.  

Detectives Ronald Russ and Scott Wilson twice warned Matthew Conway that he was under investigation. The first warning was in 2008, while Conway was a Jefferson County prosecutor. In January 2009, another warning was issued.

In March, Matthew Conway was interviewed about the warning.

Detective Wilson obtained information suggesting that Matthew Conway was involved in drugs. He told Louisville attorney Scott Roby who in turn notified Matthew Conway. Wilson, who is reportedly a longtime acquaintance of Conway, let Roby read the complaint against Conway and called Conway to tell him he was going to search his home. He waited two days before doing so.

Conway LIED under oath which would get most attorney's disbarred in a case such as this, but not Matt Conway, who had his brother current Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway, to help him avoid it.

So what of his then boss, current candidate for the Kentucky House of Representatives, Dave Stengel have to say?

He stated in an interview that after reviewing all of the evidence that he was convinced Matt Conway was not a drug user or drug dealer so there would be no action taken against him. Worse yet he excused Conway's LIE under oath. It didn't concern Stengel at all. Why?

To protect himself and the Democratic Party as instructed. That most certainly includes Jack Conway who is looking to run for office yet again, this time for Governor in 2015.

Stengel went so far as to say it was a non issue because "Conway went back and corrected that statement immediately."

Stengel LIED to protect the machine. Stengel was well aware that Conway did not recant his lie until four days later and only AFTER a witness came forward and reminded him he had told a different version in his statement. Under oath.

Stengel was well aware that Jack Conway was involved in helping his brother.

Even outsiders agreed this was serious:

David Harris, a professor of law at the University of Pittsburgh who writes and teaches about police behavior and law enforcement, said Stengel let Conway off too easily.

“To admit you lied in an investigation where you were the subject, and it involved law-enforcement conduct, I find that very troubling,” Harris said, adding that he found it “mysterious that this wouldn’t trouble” Stengel.

Lewis Katz, a professor at Case Western Reserve University School of Law, and a criminal-justice authority, agreed. Katz also said Conway’s false statements to investigators “absolutely” have impugned his integrity and, therefore, his ability to represent the state in court.

“He is hopelessly compromised,” Katz said

If these experts are to be believed, then what does that say about Dave Stengel being compromised? Is his integrity therefore not in question? Of course it is.

Dave Stengel was covering up a known drug user, a possible drug dealer, and a person that WORKED for him in his own office because of political ties.

Two attorney's who put party politics above the law and Dave Stengel is one of them. 

That should disturb the hell out of anyone who even considers him for any public office.

I could go on and on about the rumors of Dave Stengel that include alcohol abuse, spousal abuse on his ex-wife, current Judge Michele Stengel, and more.

I could write for hours about his friendship with Jim King and how much he is beholden to King for money he owes him.

I could write for hours about the real reason he illegally abused his office once again by not allowing a grand jury to hear the evidence against Jim King, and his daughter sitting Judge Katie King, because of it. 

I could write for hours about the so called list of endorsements he has from current elected officials and explain details of how corrupt many of them are. And we time.

But for now to think that this corrupt politician named Dave Stengel could blatantly lie about his opponent and drugs is hypocrisy at its uppermost level. Dave Stengel should never be considered for any public office again. We are finally rid of him let him stay gone.

Do the right thing and keep him out.

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