Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Democrats war on women hits Kentucky

Louisville, KY - In this election cycle in Kentucky the evidence is clear. Democrats have no love for women and their hypocrisies are an attack against the women of Kentucky. You need look no further for proof of that than Democratic Senatorial candidate Alice "in wonderland" Grimes, or Kentucky Democratic candidate for the 32nd District Kentucky House of representatives, Ashley Miller.
Alice "in wonderland" Grimes has spent the majority of her time as elected Secretary of State, her first and only elected office, campaigning for another elected office while getting paid by we the taxpayer. Not a great of someone working hard for we the taxpayer who elected her.

Taking that aside however, Grimes continues to campaign as a "tough, strong, independent woman," yet cannot even be strong enough to say she voted for President Obama. If she has to avoid such an easy question how can she make tough decisions that will benefit Kentucky?

More alarming is she continues to state she will stand up for Kentucky women yet her actions speak louder than these empty promises.

While touting her support for a higher minimum wage for example, her own family continues to exploit women by paying them only minimum wage in their restaurant, Hugh Jass burgers. The name of the restaurant itself is an insult to women, as well as their menu choices, loaded with items such as "Charlotte's rack," named after her own mother's breasts. It includes yet another menu item, "Abby's hugh ass," named after her sister.

See for yourself.

If she can't be strong for the women in her own family, how will she ever stand up for women on a national scale?

She claims it is her family's business and not hers. Fair enough but one has to also point out that SHE represents her father's business legally, as has been proven when she represented the restaurant in a lawsuit, and she signed paperwork on behalf of the business.

Clearly she has no problem with sexism within her own family business that she represented.

Also consider her family has millions to give to candidates like herself, and Democrats like President Obama, one could logically conclude that money is available to be spent on higher wages for family business employees. Should they not practice what they preach?

Throw in that her family further exploits labor by using unpaid interns for their catering business thus increasing their profits even more, how can anyone seriously believe Grimes is sincere about wages and standing up for women?

Ashley Miller

Grimes is  not alone. Let's take a look at former Ms. Kentucky, and current Democratic candidate for the 32nd State House of representatives, Ashley Miller.

Miller is packaged as a strong, successful, African American woman. As a Democrat one would believe she cares about all people, is against bullying, and all that it implies yet as usual there is more to the story behind the scenes that we the public are not supposed to see.

Miller's sorority, Delta Sigma Theta has a Louisville chapter for adults called the Louisville Alumnae. Essentially their members are a group that focuses on professional networking and community service.

On their own website, Ashley Miller was suspended in May 2013 for 3 years and fined $1,500.

For hazing. Adults.

According to the Delta Sigma Theta website regarding hazing etc, “The prohibition covers all hazing activities, whether physical, mental, or emotional, including, but not limited to, pre-initiation and/or underground activities (which is anything in addition to or contrary to approved activities); paddling; beating; slapping; blindfolding; pushing; depriving of sleep; pulling on clothes; pulling one’s hair; requiring the consumption of alcohol or drugs; forcing or requiring the consumption of foods that an applicant/prospective member finds disagreeable; yelling; humiliating; harassing; belittling; cursing; any morally degrading, illegal, or indecent action; requiring applicants/prospective members or newly initiated members to perform housework or homework for members, or to ‘run errands.’”

Miller was found guilty. Considering it is a sorority what does that say about Miller's respect for women.

Take a look:

This isn't a long forgotten incident folks this was last year. Miller is not mature enough to stand up to bullying and instead chooses to be the bully?

I understand that college kids think this behavior is acceptable. In many cases, to some, hazing is a right of passage. I don't agree with it, but I can understand how 18 year old college kids would think this.

But I also understand that it takes adults to make decisions that will affect our lives. Decisions made based on some sort of maturity that we demand and deserve.

Miller last year decided she was still a child by involving herself and being a part of a hazing incident against adult women. That alone disqualifies her for an elected position in my opinion. Someone who is an adult would certainly realize that bullying is unacceptable and yet she chose to be the bully in 2013.

Her decision making abilities need some serious maturing before she should ever be considered for an elected position.

Based on the above information folks I hope you can ask yourself one question: Just who has made this war on women?

The answer is clearly obvious and considering it is coming from Democratic women who should be setting the example for other women to follow, that answer should scare the hell out of you..... 

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