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Exposing the game Morgan v. Fischer

Louisville, KY - In December of 2013 Mayor Greg Fischer was charged in a lawsuit by former Ford employee Jay Morgan of libel and slander that resulted in the loss of Morgan's 24 year career with Ford Motor Company. We have covered this story continuously and outed exactly what led to the lawsuit with our West Side Stories Part 1 here and Part 2 here. But there is much, much more.

By October 2012, Morgan had diligently delivered on the premise of funding for a Workplace Training facility to be jointly run by Simmons College's Kevin Cosby, and JCTC's Lynn Fischer.

Last week a story was done by the Courier Journal stating Louisville COULD potentially see up to 18,000 new jobs in the coming years. Of course no one knows that and these promises have been made time and time again. So what is all this leading to?

The truth.

The truth is that Louisville will lose 6000 high paying GE jobs by the end of the year. The acquisition by Electrolux of GE's appliance division will move these jobs to other plant locations and North Carolina,  where Electrolux Corporate Headquarters is located.

The truth is that GE has always felt like a step child in this town because of it's leadership. Case in point?

Ford received roughly $300 million in incentives to keep 3000 jobs in Louisville while GE was offered a paltry $40 million to keep 6000 jobs in Louisville, by comparison. It is not hard to see why they felt left out.

The truth is that Jay Morgan put together over $20 million towards a new workplace training facility in West Louisville to address the needs of all manufacturers, including GE. He was lauded and applauded for his efforts all the way through November 2012 when Mayor Greg Fischer decided to pull the plug so he could ensure his sister Lynn did not have to share with Simmons College and would be the beneficiary of Morgan and local leadership's hard work.

Need proof of how important Morgan was? Note just one example of an agenda meeting:


The Courier reports, "In the last year, several Louisville manufacturers, including General Electric, Ford Motor Co., Reynolds Metals, Atlas and Raytheon Co. teamed to address the industrial skills gap and fill the pipeline of workers they need immediately. "

The group assembled a blueprint and action plan that included asking area educational institutions in August for proposals on providing a two-year associates degree program in advanced manufacturing technology – similar to a program now underway in Lexington.

Yet another lie being sold to us. Why would I say that?

The blueprint they are now taking credit for was the exact copy of the plan Jay Morgan put together over 2 years ago.

The program under way in Lexington was begun using Morgan's blueprint. Mayor Jim Gray and Mayor Greg Fischer spoke at length, through the BEAM initiative gatherings, and worked together on Morgan's plan until Fischer decided to have it all in Louisville for his sister Lynne.

Lexington is receiving the federal funds that Morgan worked to make available, and also the same funds that Greg Fischer turned down for Louisville, opting instead to work with Steve Beshear and have the state fund the entire project at an overinflated cost of about $50 million.

Just what federal funding did Fischer turn down in his decision to screw Kentucky taxpayers?

 $13.5 million from TAACCCT federal funding that was approved to be spent.

$5 million, essentially cash, from the US Treasury that was already approved to be spent.

$3 million from a joint Department of Commerce/Department of Education grant.

Undisclosed amount from Governor Steve Beshear himself presumably around $3 million versus the $50 million Fischer wants. 

Yet we have more to consider.

In 2009 Fischer sent a press release out.

For Immediate Release Contact:
October 1, 2009 502-851-5652
Fischer Announces Finance Team Co-Chairs for 2010 Mayoral Campaign
Community and Business Leaders Spearhead Growing Finance Team

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Louisville mayoral candidate Greg Fischer announced today an initial wave of more than 50 finance team co-chairs who will help lead his campaign’s fundraising efforts. The list of co-chairs is comprised of a diverse group of business, civic and social entrepreneurs whose involvement reflects the broad-based support behind the Fischer campaign.

“I am proud and honored that these well respected leaders support and share my vision for building a better city,” said Fischer. “I am especially pleased that we have people from every part of Jefferson County and nearly every neighborhood in Louisville. This kind of broad-based coalition will help us build on our momentum and ensure that our campaign has the resources needed to share our values and vision for Louisville with the larger community."

Hundreds have stepped forward to support the campaign financially and volunteer their time to make this successful businessman and visionary leader the next Mayor.

Who was included on this list for future patronage in exchange for their support? A few names stand out. trust me more than a few but we will out them later.

Wonder why the Blue's, Todd and Jonathon, seemingly get anything they want?

Todd was part of the 50 involved in the Fischer campaign that were named. Others?

From GLI alone:

Kent Oyler  –  President & CEO
2014 Executive Committee

Mayor Greg Fischer, Mayor, Louisville Metro Government

2014 Board of Directors

Jonathan S. Blue, Chairman/Managing Director, Blue Equity, LLC
Gabby Bruno, Director, U.S. State and Local Government Affairs, Ford Motor Company

Wonder why Kent Oyler is heading up GLI today? Wonder why GLI has hemorrhaged so many businesses and now is acting like they care? Look no further than political patronage. Have no doubt that in Louisville GLI is doing exactly what they are told to do as usual by the Mayor's office.

This is one reason why I continue to state GLI is not a real Louisville Chamber of Commerce, even though recently the bought and paid for mouthpiece of the Mayor's office in msm media have started to refer to them on a continual basis as being one.

Wonder why Ford involved themselves in the private lawsuit brought against Greg Fischer?

Look no further than Gabby Bruno who works with Greg Fischer through GLI. Whose employer Ford Motor Company just happened to receive a massive $300 million in STATE taxpayer dollars. Nothing to see here right? What is the coverup? It isn't hard to figure out that there is one is it?

Why does Ford involve itself?

Because they can't afford for the community to know the truth. We will be exposing that truth going forward.

Throw in at least one attorney on Fischer's defense team, Joel Frockt, husband of Judge Gina Kay Calvert, who has problems of her own these days, is hobnobbing with a key Morgan witness in the lawsuit itself, and there is no doubt, in my mind anyway, of Fischer's guilt in this lawsuit.

Then consider just how much of our taxpayer money Fischer is spending on himself  in his private citizen capacity it gets even worse.Would any citizen in Louisville be allowed access to the same taxpayer resources he is using if they had means of their own?

Of course not.

The lawsuit was filed last December and to date Fischer and his cronies including the taxpayer paid private attorney's defending him, the taxpayer funded County Attorney's office run by Mike O'Connell, and prominent employer Ford  Motor Company, who is not even listed as a defendant of charged with anything, lending their vast fortune to aid in the cover up you can only imagine how deep this goes. 

David vs. Goliath and nothing has been done to move the case forward. 10 months later and the court is still allowing yet the third dismissal claim, based on the same set of facts, to delay the case further. There still has been no discovery, no depositions, nothing that is normal in any lawsuit in this amount of time.

It simply is unheard of.

Any attorney worth their salt will tell you when you can't win on the facts, bury your opponent in paperwork and starve them out. Delay, bury, delay, bury, delay, bury is the game plan and somehow it is still being allowed to go on in the court.

Twice Fischer and Ford have been denied. For at least the third time they have filed the same essential motion to dismiss as the previous two based on the same information.

Corruption? Collusion? Tampering with witnesses? In my opinion all can be found in just this one ongoing lawsuit.

These so called leaders have abused the privilege we bestowed upon them against citizens in our community long enough.  They destroy personal lives at their whim. It is now time for someone to return the favor. Too many are scared in this community to stand up and hold them accountable.

It is time to name names and out the cold hard ugly truth of  the so called leaders we the people are forced to choose from. From Metro Council members to their mistresses, from Mayor's, both current and former, to their boyfriends/girlfriends.

And yes to the Governor's office and beyond. Accountability must be had for us all in order to make Louisville great and not the playground for the few privileged few.

Private lives and public lies by these so called leaders have all contributed to the downfall of what we could be. It is time to begin the purge.

Stay tuned folks...........

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