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Louisville, KY -  Is Mayor Greg Fischer Ford tough? We will see as even more trouble is brewing for Ford Motor Company and one has to wonder exactly if and what kind of deal they may have with our own Mayor Greg Fischer.

As many of you are aware, Ford is under investigation by multiple federal agencies for insider trading and it very well could involve our own Greg Fischer. Fischer, as you know, has been scamming the legal system for almost two years now to cover up his alleged lies that aided and abetted Ford in the illegal firing of Jay Morgan. Fischer and his illegally funded taxpayer County Attorney's office should be investigated by the feds.

And it may happen.
Fbi Criminal Justice Information Systems (

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States  
17 August                                 springston.blogspot.com/search?q=Ford+Motor+Company

What has been little known until now is that Ford is also under federal investigation for bribery charges.

You read that right.

Ford has been under investigation since at least March by Brazilian authorities for alleged bribery.

Ford Motor Company was the only American company on the list. It is being investigated for possible fraud estimated at R$1.7 billion

Additionally, rumor has it that Germany is investigating. Here in the U.S. our own Federal Trade Commission and Securities and Exchange Commission is rumored to be deep into an investigation on this as well.

Along with the insider trading scandal that I uncovered, filed charges on, and have been exclusively reporting on for almost two years.

And yes there is now an active investigation into Ford on the bailout money they lied about receiving. You can read about that myth here.

In the middle of contract negotiations this cannot be good especially since Ford announced that it would spend $2.5 Billion in Mexico creating 3800 NEW jobs, primarily in engine and transmission production, for Mexicans to export those products to the U.S.

Ford also announced last month that they will move Ford Focus and C-Max production form Michigan to Mexico with no replacement vehicles yet announced to keep the Michigan plants open and save jobs.

Never mind that Ford is about to have yet another recall, a major one involving their transmissions in the Focus, in the near future. Nor the failure of the C-Max hybrid to get the gas mileage promised. In their efforts to save weight and increase mileage they even eliminated the spare tire.

Yep bright folks at Ford HQ.

What about our tax dollars that Ford refuses to pay back? Take this from a Sustainable Water Infrastructure Coalition newsletter.

"The Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing (ATVM) Program was established in late 2007 and funded in 2008 to provide $5.9 billion in federal assistance for the retooling of manufacturing
facilities for Ford Motor Company and $2.5 billion in loans to four other companies. Neither GM nor Chrysler received loans under this program. Congress appropriated $7.5 billion to cover a 30 percent “subsidy cost” or risk of default for the loans at a LIBOR rate of 0.25 percent. A report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) estimates that a total of $3.3 billion in subsidy costs has been paid to date, with approximately $4.2 billion unobligated. 

The last loan was issued in 2011 and the only outstanding loan is the $5.9 billion award to Ford Motor Company, which currently has $17 billion in cash on hand according to recent financial reports."

Yep everyone knows all about Ford but yet they have not been held accountable to date.

At the beginning of this article I stated that one has to wonder exactly if and what kind of deal they may have with our own Mayor Greg Fischer.

The evidence is alarmingly clear that there is one. Greg Fischer has played every game in the courts imaginable and been denied on 5 occasions his motions to get rid of the lawsuit against him. The latest buffoonery is astounding and we will out that as well in another post. Including the antics by Judge Mitch Perry himself.

At the beginning Greg Fischer needed only answer a couple of simple questions and that would have ended it. Now Greg Fischer may be involved in a Clintonesque cover up that will lead to his indictment. If there is proven collusion between him and Ford to evade justice in the courts, he will be indicted. There is no way to avoid it.

We will keep you informed. Stay tuned it gets better...........

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