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It was just brought to my attention that one of the names on the JCC response sheet is Joyce King Jennings. The name King in her sur name brought up a red flag and they asked if she may be related in any way to Jim King. I do not know how I missed it. Any of you faithful readers want to help out? if anyone knows let me know. If she is this is just another great debacle involving conflict of interest. Write me at myviewmatters@aol.com. Thanks.

So much has been going on, personally and professionally, that once again I am a bit behind on posts. My apologies. With the deaths of my mom and a friend the last couple of weeks as you can imagine things have been busy and a little hectic to say the least.

For now there is much to update.

JIM KING and the KREF:

Jim King's legal staff has responded to my complaint. Noticeably absent is any PROOF refuting my claims. It spends most of the time accusing me of using a ghost writer essentially and says it has proof, but yet did not attach any that this was above board. As a matter of fact he has since hired Joe Terry, former head of KREF, as a lawyer as well. You may recall a quote by Joe Terry in the CJ at the beginning of this whole debacle as this does appear to "stink." Now he is on board the King machine. Does it make you wonder what that cost?

Same here.

For a copy of the response and my rejoinder write me at
myviewmatters@aol.com. I will try to post it here in the near future.

Department of huh? JCC answers complaint:

As you may recall I also filed an ethics complaint with the Judicial Conduct Commission (JCC) in regards to the whole fiasco and Katie King. Here is their response:

Anyone care to decipher this response? Essentially it says, my interpretation of course, that we discussed your complaint and whether we did anything or not we will not tell you but rest assured that whatever we did, or did not do, we did correctly.

Folks this is as asinine as it gets.

JAVANON revisited:

For my take on JAVANON read here: http://springston.blogspot.com/2008/11/code-enforcement-javanon-are-we.html

You can also read the CJ's take here: Board shuts down Javanon facility built without zoning approval courier-journal The Courier-Journal

I particularly love the comments credited to Judith Francis in the article. She states as follows: "I am appalled at the things that have happened." Of course we all should be but coming from Judith Francis is a shock. Anyone who has ever sat in at the Board of Zoning hearings conducted by Ms. Francis can certainly understand that one. I have been critical of her in many areas as a hack, especially in regards to the way she handled the Morris dispute, and still believe so. You can read about it at http://www.myviewmatters.org/ in the news section.

In the meantime wait to see who takes the fall as everyone knows Charles Cash will pass the buck and come out clean as usual. Only problem is NONE of the leaders ever get to take the responsibility. Sad really.

This is Dick Irby's latest on Javanon. Keep up the good work Mr. Irby!

Until next time.........

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  1. King took care of the financing for St. Raphael a while back. When the new priest came in and saw that the books were all over the place he confronted him and he was let go of that position. Always one to hold a grudge he had that priest followed and watched to get any kind of payback he could. Dude is corrupt. I really hope he gets outed and can't hide behind his money. This just screams guilty and scared when he hires all these people that were former members of organizations he's being questioned by. SHADY!!! Keep it coming Ed, I'm sick of the corrupt people we have in power throughout this city...and country!


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