Saturday, July 11, 2009


Just when I think it is OK to move on to other things the idiot Mayor goes and proves his arrogance again. take this latest from the Courier Journal today:

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I mean come on really?

Here is the statement from Cordish in the CJ:

In a three-paragraph letter sent Friday, a certified public accountant for The Cordish Cos. wrote that he has reviewed the spending and that the money was used "in accordance with the terms of the loan agreement" with the city.

David Dzbinski, director of financial reporting for the Baltimore-based developer, said the money was used on "construction, fixturing, equipping and opening" of the Sports and Social Club, in one of the premier spaces at the entertainment district.

We have NO say so in how OUR money is spent? We have no authority to demand an accounting of it? Furthermore Abramson goes on to responds like this:

Mayor Jerry Abramson said Friday that the letter satisfies him that Cordish spent the city's money appropriately.

I didn't catch that Mr. Mayor what was that you said?

"It looks to me that their financial person is giving us a certified commitment," he said. "The loan agreement that they signed … doesn't require them to give the city a specific ... detailed report."

Can anyone think of anything other than huh! Personally for you naysayers who have doubts that Abramson is benefiting from his Cordish deal (among every other deal in Louisville) surely this has to make you stand up and at least wonder perhaps they are right.

Would you run a business without any accountability of where your money is going?

You would be broke in a year. You know like we are now.

The fact is this is yet another example of Abramson flying by the seat of his pants and daring anyone to stop him. Unlimited power by him has destroyed the financial well being of this City and the local population that wants and demands better.

Here is some more for you from the article:

When asked if the city can require Cordish to turn over spending records, Abramson replied:

"I'm unaware of any way to get those specifics. It is what it is. If you're looking for receipts for drywall, or how much they spent on tables, there isn't any and they're not required."

And of course the Traughber spin as well:

A few minutes after that interview, Bruce Traughber, the city's economic development director, called the newspaper and said he will personally inspect the invoices to verify how the money was spent "the next time I'm in Baltimore."

Asked when that would be, he said: "I don't know. We haven't set a date."

Of course you have not set a date you were told after Abramson conducted the interview, by Abramson probably, to call the paper and tell them that. No date has been set because Abramson was caught with his pants down, and this time I use that term figuratively not literally, and has to spin it.

I also love how Kelly Downard wants to investigate, which I wholeheartedly agree with, but wants Jim King to be with him. I would not trust King to do a better job at Metro Animal services than we have now. He may know how to fudge the books, just my opinion, but certainly trust would be a key issue here. I mean heck it has been 8 months since he was questioned about how much money he gave his own daughter to run for Judge and he cannot answer.

Seems pretty simple to me and if he cannot answer that easy one why would I trust him for anything else?

Time to rid ourselves of these millionaire playboys who continue to ruin our Louisville because they want to play politics for personal gain. Think about it Abramson has money to burn thanks to gouging we the people every chance he gets and people like King need to take a job at less than $100,000 a year for his financial windfall when he already is a millionaire?

Logic tells you hell no. The reason to get a job like this for guys like King, Abramson, and coming soon Tandy info, is so they can benefit themselves and their cronies. We have had this for 20 years isn't it time to demand better?

I mean Abramson is supposedly a lawyer, I say supposedly because his record would indicate not a good one, as such he certainly should know how to dictate contracts and make deals that protect his client. In this case We The People of Louisville, KY.

You know Basic Law 101.

Surely the great minds he supposedly has in Frost, Brown, and Todd, and his other buddy lawyers he funds with megabucks from our taxes to fight his battles, could have told him better. They certainly benefit from their good ole boy don't they?

But alas, Abramson's motto? "I do what I want and you can't stop me. Louisville News and Politics: MAYOR "I DO WHAT I WANT AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME" ABRAMSON LATEST FIASCO

We have to be smarter than that or at least smarter than him if this is what he does.

Have we had enough yet?


  1. Kelly Downard has shown himself to be an enabler in that he allows these people to continue their crooked deals. Think about it, this way he can pose as the controlled opposition to the mayor and not following along with the council. Exactly who butters his bread? Let's figure this out that Mr. Downard used to be an executive at PNC and an accountant before that. Something stinks about this scenario that he brings up these issues yet has someone along to cover up the manure and sweep it under the rug. I might have been born at night but it sure wasn't last night.

  2. Kelly Downard believe it or not has great integrity, however, as much as I admire that many do not see him being a strong enough charismatic person to lead the way to leadership.

    that essentially is the rub.

    thanks for the comments.


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