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MYVIEWMATTERS RADIO SHOW: Tune in tonight at 6 on WKJK 1080 AM for the MyViewMatters Radio Show with in studio guest Independent Mayoral candidate Jackie Green. As you know Mr. Green has been fighting the mainstream for an equal voice and as usual we at MVM offer one to ALL candidates. Listen in live call in number is (502)571-1080.

RAND PAUL UPDATES: Rassmussen has released another poll on the US Senate race between Rand Paul and Jack Conway that shows Paul leading by 6% over Conway. The poll was conducted on July 21 and stays consistent with what has been reported since January. Check it out here Election 2010: Kentucky Senate - Rasmussen Reports™

SPEAKING OF RAND PAUL: The CJ has yet another story on Paul this time concerning farm subsidies check it out here Rand Paul says farm subsidy stand won’t hurt him The Courier-Journal

OBAMA ADMINISTRATION HAS MAJOR PROBLEMS: Remember the story of Shirley Sherrod the USDA worker who made incendiary racist remarks in a video about a white farmer? Yep I touched on this story as part of a bigger article about racism Louisville News and Politics: RACISM IS ALIVE AND WELL. Turns out Ms. Sherrod was quoted out of context to a degree. In the speech she was using this personal example of a day of epiphany of sorts when she realized that poor had no boundaries between black and white and uplifted herself out of a racist attitude.

The Obama administration demanded an immediate resignation without an investigation.

We find now that the incident she refers to occurred 24 years ago and by all accounts since then she is no racist. I apologize to anyone who read my article who were hoodwinked by this story. Based on available info at the time the story was legit. I must also add this though.

Though the incident was 24 years ago, and in no way reflects who Ms. Sherrod is today, it is still interesting to hear the laughter from the audience who heard her bragging about not doing her best for a white farmer opting instead to pass him off to "one of his own." All before hearing where she was headed.

Though Ms. Sherrod is clearly not that person today the speech was made to that audience today and they clearly enjoyed thinking that she had done this today. While I applaud Ms. Sherrod for overcoming the idiocy of racism I have serious doubts about just how far we have come when the audience clearly enjoyed thinking she was.

CALIPARI JUST LEARNED WHAT IT MEANS TO BE BIG BLUE: Sometimes I just can't help myself doing an occassional story on this. UK Coach John Calipari had scheduled a fund raiser for Gov. Steve Beshear and his UL sidekick Jerry Abramson on August 11 at his ome. He has now cancelled the event Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari cancels fund-raiser for Governor Steve Beshear The Courier-Jo... The official reason by Calipari, who announced the cancellation on his facebook page of all places, "the governor's event planned for August 11 - along with other charitable functions scheduled for our home - have been canceled after realizing the full plate of both professional and pressing, personal matters I will be tending to in the next couple of months. "

I kind of like him inferring the Beshear fundraising event as a charitable one myself.

Uh yep Coach we believe that you didn't know about these so called pressing matters over the next couple of months in advance. It defies logic for someone who does so many events that this was just an oversight.

Just taking a shot in the dark here, but since there are so many rumors about beloved UK alumni Richie Farmer possibly being in the race against Beshear, one can't help but wonder that perhaps the Big Blue faithful pressured him to stick to coaching and stay out of politics.

Have a great day folks listen in tonight!


  1. Um, you might want to look at your link. Rand Paul is leading Conway by 8% per Rasmussen, not 6%. And his favorables DWARF Conway's. One of the KY papers did the math wrong and a lot of people picked up the wrong number, but I thought you'd want to know.

  2. You are correct. I glanced at the results myself and somehow my math skills went South. Thanks for clarifying the error.

  3. I enjoyed MyViewMatters tonight with Jackie Green. Since you two both are "independents," I'm not surprised you found some common ground. Wish I had been in studio to hear your after-show discussion of Councilman Henderson. What has Bob done to deserve the failing grade you give him?

  4. Thanks anonymous. There is always common ground somewhere if we look hard enough and that is what we focus on on the show. Jackie I will disagree on many things for sure but the discussion is necessary to find the answers. And none of us have all the answers.

    Here is a start to Bob Henderson.

    I grew up knowing you can't trust liars and thieves. Henderson fits both molds nicely.

  5. Thank you. I'm just starting through the "Bob Henderson" search list, and am back here now with a comment after reading (should I say, "choking on"?) your July 12 post about how B.H. hijacked the "ice cream social" for a political rally using public money. Now, your on-air comments in tonight's MVM discussion make sense to me. I'll continue reading....

  6. Thank you for reading and paying attention. That is all I ask. Read digest and make up your own mind what you think. :-)



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