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Greg Fischer has hired a new campaign manager by the name of Christopher J. Bizzacco out of Providence, Rhode Island. This is very interesting to me to say the least. Quite frankly I wonder why Fischer had to hire a lifelong Rhode Island resident who has been involved with some shady dealings with the Providence, Rhode Island Mayor as his Chief of Staff.

Greg Fischer names campaign chief in his bid for Louisville mayor The Courier-Journal

According to the CJ: Bizzacco worked in Cicilline’s office for five years as deputy chief of staff and chief of staff. During that tenure, he was drawn into a Rhode Island state police investigation of two $75,000 checks with insufficient funds written by the mayor’s brother, John Cicilline, to the city of Providence to settle a tax debt.

Even veteran Democrat strategist Danny Briscoe, who has much experience running campaigns in Kentucky was quoted as saying the hire "was unusual and unnecessary." Briscoe went on to state “It makes you wonder if things are OK” in the Fischer campaign."

I agree. Chris Poynter was recently hired by Fischer from Abramson's staff, and now Greg went to Rhode Island to get another staffer. Both seem to be in the Abramson mode and Bizzacco comes from one of the most ultra liberal states in the union from the Northeast.

Whether that is indicative of anything or not on where Greg plans to lead us if elected is your decision to make, however, Bizzacco does not make me feel good about where Greg is headed.

To go out of state to hire someone who has never had ties outside the Northeast, and does not know one thing about Louisville, its people, or its culture seems like a last gasp of air for a failing campaign to me. No doubt Fischer will get the votes of the "vote Dems at all cost" mentality of people, as there is no doubt Heiner will get some of the same from the Repub side as well, it seems like a long shot bet that he believes this will instill voters to get to the polls.

Bizzacco brings some of his own baggage to the table too. He was involved in an apparent check kiting scheme involving two $75,000 checks with the brother of Mayor Cicilline in Providence. Bizzacco says he alerted the Mayor to the problem denying any involvement beyond that yet according to this, Fired Providence tax collecter alleges corruption Rhode Island news The Providence Journal, Bizzacco stated he informed Cicilline of the problem and then (Bizzacco)was instructed to take care of it.

I want to know how that was handled I think it is important.

Also consider this article: Anchor Rising: UPDATED - RE: Same as the old Boss?

In 2005, while Bizzacco was Deputy Chief of Staff, City workers received a 1.5% increase in salary. Bizzacco received 37% increase in salary. Does that seem like a problem to anyone?

While Mayor Cicilline was passing out raises to staffers other questions come to mind. The Mayor was able to give raises based on the Rhode Island Foundation, at least in regards to then Chief of Administration John Simmons, but the real red flag is GTECH.

Does the name GTECH sound familiar to anyone here? GTECH is involved with Steve Beshear, Jerry Abramson, Greg Fischer, and a whole host of other Democrats. It may not seem like such a problem to anyone but it does to me.

With the Governor and the current Mayor in bed with GTECH, what does it say when Fischer brings in an outsider who has ties to GTECH as well? Read this on the Rhode Island Foundation: Anchor Rising: Same as the old Boss?.

It appears that GTECH is contributing to the fund and that fund is being used in part for increased pay of government officials. Considering that Donald R. Sweitzer, a senior VP at GTECH in 2005, is a Democratic fundraiser, well all kinds of alarms go off.

How does this come back to Bizzacco? Simply this. There is no way he did not know about this nor could deny a conflict of interest based on this. Let folks make of the situation on the bad checks from his Mayor boss brother what they will. Either he did do something to "take care of it" as he was told to do or he didn't.

To see GTECH's name come up so often in regards to the administration and pay of administration officials he was involved with is a concern. It looks like more of the same and not open transparent at all.

While many of us have seen first hand the patronage by Abramson to the Cordish Group here in Louisville I hope many understand that GTECH is the Cordish Group of the State currently.

I will continue to look into this. I am not saying Bizzacco is crooked as hell....yet anyway, but I am saying he needs serious scrutiny. Fischer could not do a better search?

The fact Fischer hired him with some of these unanswered problems makes me see visions of more of the same as Abramson if elected. It tells me his decision making ability leaves a lot to be desired.

Stay tuned............


  1. Like I said in the C-J comments,

    "Was nobody in a city of 721,594 people (2009 est.) good enough for Mr. Fischer?"

    Since we agree this pick was highly questionable, does this make you "ultra liberal" like me now, Ed? :) (not to mention our full agreement on transparency and bridge tolls)

  2. I don't know about this Ed. I spent half a day reading all that Rhode Island drama and to me it looks like Bizzacco was a pawn in someone else's chess game. I can't say I blame the kid for wanting to get away from the politics of Providence though. They make us look like Mayberry.

    However, I can make fun of "Mr. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs" though for recruiting outside Louisville to fill Job #1. Ha! #gregfail

  3. lmao Steve. Many have tried to label me but I am a wrok in progress ;-) Yep we do agree on bridge on tolls and transparency proving even those who disagree in can find some common ground.

  4. Curt I understand what you are saying but disagree to an extent. Bizzacco was Chief of Staff and was instrumental in getting Cicilline elected. he was an insider and knew what was going on.

    And again GTECH just keeps coming up which always makes me leery anyway.

  5. WOW ... the Fischer revolving door spins again!

    Geez, if this is happening during the campaign, what's gonna happen should he become mayor?

    I'm not sure how to take this latest from the Fischer camp:
    Either this is a CEO hellbent on having his way
    maybe he's not a party animal and is chasing away those who insist on him being a real "Democrat" Louisville-style
    He's bringing the East Coast Democrat style to Louisville
    He just doesn't have a clue as to what he is doing!


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