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Metro employee Eric Garrett as you may recall was indefinitely suspended for bringing to light major problems within the Public Works Department has now been shafted even further. You can read the original story here: Louisville News and Politics: METRO TIPLINE LEADS TO UNEMPLOYMENT WHEN USED .

Apparently the Abramson regime just does not get it. Well they do they just don't care. They are arrogant enough to think they can do anything they want. Sound familiar? According to a letter sent to Mr. Garrett by Public Works he will not be allowed to return to work until AFTER a psychiatric exam is performed. Anyone else have problems with this?

How can metro demand a psych exam based on an employee whistleblower charges?

Very simple. It is all because Mr. Garrett exposed the problems with Abramson's claim to fame with Energy Star. The charges leveled by Mr. Garrett put in jeopardy Abramson's rep and golden federal money. That can not happen as Abramson depends on that money to manipulate his shortcomings. But hey I digress. Read the links above for more.

In the meantime this is the letter Mr. Garrett received:


So because Mr. Garrett stood up against the machine they create a phony charge.

In February 2010, Garrett contacted the Louisville Metro Ethics tip-line to report supervisory and financial mismanagement in the department, the lawsuit says. After making the complaint, Garrett met with officials from the city's departments of Internal Audit and Human Resources. Sidebottom said his client also met with Metro Council member Hal Heiner.

About a week later, Garrett was notified by a Public Works manager that a complaint had been made against him by another employee of the department. Sidebottom said Garrett was suspended without any further information about the alleged incident.Yet according to Attorney Shane Sidebottom the complaint against Garrett was that he was "being mean" to another employee. He said a third employee has testified to Human Resources that Garrett did nothing wrong during the incident, but the suspension has not been rescinded.

The fact is the request for a psych exam is pure retaliation against Mr. Garrett who used the whistleblower laws and is being punished for it.

Whistleblower laws were put into effect to protect employees from retaliation when outing corruption, illegality, etc yet every time seemingly it is used retaliation is automatic within the Abramson regime.

Sarah Lynne Cunningham was among the first to be retaliated against and Eric Garrett is the latest. While everyone touts openness and transparency today, including Abramson, nothing could be further from the truth of their intent based on the actions of this regime.

The sad part is that there are dozens of folks within Metro who are so fearful of losing their jobs they will not come forward. I know I have spoken with many off the record at their request.

The actions of the Abramson gestapo once again led to a lawsuit. Which of course it always does. How many millions has Abramson cost us in lawsuits? This time it is a whistleblower retaliation lawsuit filed today by Mr. Garrett with his attorney Shane Sidebottom.

From the CJ, City worker who filed whistleblower lawsuit seeks order barring psychiatric evaluation The Courier-Jo... : The lawyer for a public works employee who filed a whistleblower retaliation lawsuit against Louisville Metro government asked Thursday for a court order barring the city from demanding a psychiatric evaluation in order for the employee to return to work.

His lawyer’s request for the order, which was filed in Jefferson Circuit Court, says the city has no right to demand a psychiatric evaluation in this case. According to the filing, the city’s personnel policy allows it to ask for a physician’s exam before an employee returns from medical leave (makes sense right this is usually required from most employers)— but Garrett is returning from a suspension, not medical leave.

“Basically, what they’re saying is the government reserves the right to order any employee to undergo a psychiatric evaluation,” said Shane Sidebottom, who is Garrett’s attorney. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Mr. Sidebottom is not alone most I have spoken with have never seen anything like it either. As a former management person, and as a former employer, I can assure you this type situation did not occur because I knew legally it was unacceptable and I would pay for it.

Abramson does too. In fact he frequently pays for lawsuits with our money, but only after his attorney buddies get paid. As a supposed attorney, and yes I mean supposed because he never accomplished anything when he was supposedly practicing, you would think he would know this too. He does but does not care as long as his cronies get theirs.

This is by design to punish Mr. Garrett permanently for standing up for what is right. He loses either way. If Garrett does not comply they will use it as a basis of termination which will hurt his work record. If he does comply he is labeled someone with a psych problem on his medical and personnel records which will screw him for any possible advancement within his career field with the City.

The problem is the City has actually succeeded to a degree in limiting Mr. Garrett's opportunities within Metro or in the private sector. Thanks to the publicity surrounding this case because of the inept Abramson administration there is now a public record in the media of this. Anyone looking to hire Mr. Garrett today could easily find out he is now labeled a "whistleblower" and many will not take a chance on a person who has proven they will out problems.

I will be following this case closely and update as necessary. In the meantime pay attention because Abramson is screwing us all again. For you other Metro employees with info to share call me I will help you.

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